Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm Back Bitches

First off shout out Japcity for making me quit this shit for awhile to ponder things.

Them and life.

Cuz like the bumper sticker says...

Shit happens.

But I did do some music in between bullshit.

Listen to it here because with song names like 2 In The Pink, 1 In The Stink, Man Clapped, and Ole Lookin Ass Nigga how can you go wrong?


Japcity was a very minor reason for my extended haitus because they had a song that I heard in April that actually made me lose respect for way too many of your favorite rappers.

And many of these wanna be rappers who try to be like your favorite rappers.

Because it was so true.

So fuckin true.

If you didn't already know by now many of your favorite rappers are fuckin gay men in tight pants, draped in jewelry, shiny belt buckles, and duffel bags galore.

Nothin against gay people its just that they need to just come out the fuckin closet because it is really sad to watch grown men just embarrass themselves so damn much.

Real recognize real folks and that shit is fuckin comical you buster ass niggas.

Japcity - Statin the Facts

Wayne is funny to me because I can remember in Royalty School being really into No Limit like many other people in the country and a friend of mine got me some old Cash Money.

Shit goes hard as fuck.

So me being a King and shit I had a servant investigate a lil into this Cash Money Records and got me an printed magazine interview with Lil Wayne where he talked about shooting himself while high.

Yes high.

No not like high on some heroin or something but high on weed.


Marijuana is not a drug.


Sad and he should have gotten counseling to investigate the root of his problems and not done the "I'm Gonna Blame Weed as My Gateway to Insanity Shit".

Instead he went on to believe I guess that someone else shot him?? as he trys to imply in interviews all the damn time now.

I don't even want to make this a Wayne post just bootleg that wack Carter 3.

Then go buy if you can The Empire The Drought is Over Pt.2 Carter 3 Sessions.

Pretty much every mixtape released during the Wayne mania is better than the Carter 3 so I suggest you put your hard earned money, especially in these recession filled days, into the pocket of the DJ.

They all go way harder than again I say that shitty album.

OK that was harsh.

Not shitty.

But classic it is not.

Its a good CD to ride to for a few days until it gets annoying.

And who really the money in these days Wayne or the DJ?

I mean He Gets Money and Everybody Knows It, He Hangs Out in the Club and Throws It.

Like Fly. Thisaway. Fly. Thataway. Fly. Thisaway. Fly. Thataway. Right?

He made a song about it so I guess it's true right?

To no one in particular...Carter 2 was better but they still are nowhere near a classic. Get deep about your city...oh wait it's not your city. I forget. Fuckin homo.

Fuck Lil Wayne

Wayne you need rehab.

And when you do get rehab and you come back near me in concert.

I'm gonna rob your lil ass.

Shout out Nick Wonder who still yes is better than your local DJ you slutmonkeys.

To take a page from LowKey.

I'll be back.

And here is Esther Baxter's back.

Japcity - Take that Nigga Chain

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