Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gucci Mane - Truth (Official Video) Young Jeezy Diss

Mr Ice Crean tat himself decided to bless the rap world with what this industry that is full of fakes and liars needs more of.

Gucci Mane spoke the truth.

And the truth hurts.

This is not a diss song.

Damn Jeezy.

Blood Raw said you are fake and split broke with nothing.

None of your niggaz have any money or have been put on in the game.

Gucci put OJ and Waka both on and everyone in his crew from the DJ on up is SO ICY for real.

Freddie Gibbs gave you credibility and is using you because you are a lame.

You are not a Crip.

You are not even affiliated.

You turned your back on Meech.

And I guess you snitched too.

Gucci Mane for President 2012.


As a bonus more people who feel Jeezy is a liar.

Blue Davinci feat Big Meech - Got Right

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Ab-Soul feat Danny Brown - Terrorist Threats (Video)

TDE is steadily dropping bomb of quality music over the past 4 years.

Jay Rock started the movement.

K. Dot morphed into Kendrick Lamar and continued the trend.

Schoolboy Q dropped 2 albums that stay in my cd deck.

Here comes Ab-Soul who just dropped Control System which you can buy here. Or you can download it illegally but do like I did and support the artist!

Peep the visual from the album with this banger featuring Danny Brown.

Real shit if all the gangs in the world unified we would stand a chance against the military tonight.


Ab-Soul feat Danny Brown - Terrorist Threats (Video)

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Darq E Freaker feat Danny Brown - Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine) Video

Danny Brown is the only hip-hop CD I have that stays in rotation in my CD changer.

Yes I burn CDs still because my ipod touch is broken and its cheaper to buy CDs to burn that fix an ipod.

I pretty much have a mix CD of The Hybrid, XXX, and Hawaiian Snow on them so I can get the full Bruiser Experience.

Its Danny right next to dubstep, house, and Chief Keef.

Rotate a Masta Ace in every now and then.

Anyways Danny Brown is the greatest rapper ever according to him.

I think I am the greatest rapper ever but my lack of touring says differently.

When people tell me they can't rhyme over certain beats, I simply look them in the eyes and tell them they suck and need a new profession because a beat it a beat.

If you can't ride a rhythm then frankly you should be a janitor or some shit.

Peep Danny Brown riding UK producer Darq E Freaker's beat and the visual they made for it.

I need to move to London like Jay Electronica because their beats slap hard.

Say hi to Danny Brown on twitter here.

Say hi to Darq E Freaker on twitter here.

Enjoy. And keep those rails chunky people.

Darq E Freaker feat Danny Brown - Blueberry (Pills & Cocaine)

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Brian McKnight - Let Me Show You How Your Pussy Works (Video)

Song of the year right here.

Thank you Brian McKnight for helping so many in their time of need.


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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rich Hil - 500 Grams (Mixtape)

@ahughess got me into Rich Hil.

Check out his site here and then follow him on twitter and tell him how much you love Rich Hil.

He will follow you immediately.

Then tell him a mean joke.

He will stop following you and might even block you because these new age hippies are sensitive people.

Anyways Rich Hil is pretty dope and makes quality drug music that I can relate to.

The thing that's trippy is that his dad is Tommy Hilfiger yet his music is good to fuck a stripper in all 3 holes too.


Word to Juicy J.

This is a collabo he did with producer Lex Luger on the beats.

He has a bunch of other free tapes you can dl here.

Maybe I will get a pic with Rich Hil when he rolls through Phoenix...

Probably not.

Oh well jam out and get high to this.

And please everyone always remember...


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Andre Nickatina - Where's My Money (Mixtape)

Andre Nickatina dropped a new mixtape and slaptastical is the only way to describe it.

Is that a word? It needs to be.

If you have never heard Andre and prefer the cookie cutter pop rap shit then Andre will scare your bitchass.

If you have ever seen a coke slut's nose start slowly bleeding yet still manage to press her face to the plate then Nicky you shall dig.

If you like original sounding MCs who are doper than heroin than come take a ride with Nicky!

Dre Dog rippin a Oran Juice Jones track?

Yea it is as funky as it sounds.

Dre Dog rippin a Rick James track?

Why yes I think he shall.

Basically Andre seems to be having a lotta fun on this mixtape rippin beats that will be familiar(Lollipop anybody) and longtime fans of his will be pleased.

His last few albums were cool but not enough coke rap...

Let's go one step further....

Andre Nickatina - Queen Heroin

So for all you people out there who are avoiding calls from your local dealer because he gave you 24 hours to get his money...



Quit duckin me man....

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Jaybo feat Sleep - Beach Chair (Video)

Stumbled on this video during my online travels.

Was pleasantly surprised to find out that Jaybo is from Chandler, Arizona.

I love the fact that the people making QUALITY music and making MONEY are not gangster rappers...

Anyways the song is a nice relaxin summer slapper.

I need to holla at these cats and see whats goodie mob.

Or rob banks.

Either way the song is dope and its cool to let folks worldwide get a chance to hear some ill music.

Was gonna review another AZ artist but right now I am chillin in my beach chair.

With a cold bottle on ice right here.

Check out Jaybo on facebook here.

If you wanna get some dope visuals from Jakob Owens holla at him on twitter or here.


Jaybo feat Sleep - Beach Chair


Jaybo - Room Full of Vultures (Video)

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