Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rich Hil - 500 Grams (Mixtape)

@ahughess got me into Rich Hil.

Check out his site here and then follow him on twitter and tell him how much you love Rich Hil.

He will follow you immediately.

Then tell him a mean joke.

He will stop following you and might even block you because these new age hippies are sensitive people.

Anyways Rich Hil is pretty dope and makes quality drug music that I can relate to.

The thing that's trippy is that his dad is Tommy Hilfiger yet his music is good to fuck a stripper in all 3 holes too.


Word to Juicy J.

This is a collabo he did with producer Lex Luger on the beats.

He has a bunch of other free tapes you can dl here.

Maybe I will get a pic with Rich Hil when he rolls through Phoenix...

Probably not.

Oh well jam out and get high to this.

And please everyone always remember...


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Andre Nickatina - Where's My Money (Mixtape)

Andre Nickatina dropped a new mixtape and slaptastical is the only way to describe it.

Is that a word? It needs to be.

If you have never heard Andre and prefer the cookie cutter pop rap shit then Andre will scare your bitchass.

If you have ever seen a coke slut's nose start slowly bleeding yet still manage to press her face to the plate then Nicky you shall dig.

If you like original sounding MCs who are doper than heroin than come take a ride with Nicky!

Dre Dog rippin a Oran Juice Jones track?

Yea it is as funky as it sounds.

Dre Dog rippin a Rick James track?

Why yes I think he shall.

Basically Andre seems to be having a lotta fun on this mixtape rippin beats that will be familiar(Lollipop anybody) and longtime fans of his will be pleased.

His last few albums were cool but not enough coke rap...

Let's go one step further....

Andre Nickatina - Queen Heroin

So for all you people out there who are avoiding calls from your local dealer because he gave you 24 hours to get his money...



Quit duckin me man....

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Jaybo feat Sleep - Beach Chair (Video)

Stumbled on this video during my online travels.

Was pleasantly surprised to find out that Jaybo is from Chandler, Arizona.

I love the fact that the people making QUALITY music and making MONEY are not gangster rappers...

Anyways the song is a nice relaxin summer slapper.

I need to holla at these cats and see whats goodie mob.

Or rob banks.

Either way the song is dope and its cool to let folks worldwide get a chance to hear some ill music.

Was gonna review another AZ artist but right now I am chillin in my beach chair.

With a cold bottle on ice right here.

Check out Jaybo on facebook here.

If you wanna get some dope visuals from Jakob Owens holla at him on twitter or here.


Jaybo feat Sleep - Beach Chair


Jaybo - Room Full of Vultures (Video)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Casey Veggies - Customized Greatly Vol.3

West Coast is alive, kickin and probably makin better music than where you live.

Besides Danny Brown at least. He is dope as hell.

Anyways Young Veggies is kind enough to bless us with his latest tape Customized Greatly Vol.3.

I found Senor Veggies after Marc from MJF was manically posting all things Odd Future.

December 2010 to be exact.

I caught their show on Fallon was amazed by them scaring the shit out of Brandon T. Jackson and found their music.

During my online stumbles I came across Casey Veggies as OFWGKTA affiliated it so I dl'ed and was not disappointed.

I saw the first 2 Customized Greatly but I just downloaded Sleeping In Class because it had Tyler, the Creator on it honestly.

The tape slapped hard as fuck.

When it starts off with a track like this you know you are in for a quality listen.

Another banger with Ro Ransom AKA Nero

When Ridin Round came on I gave the tape another 3 listens just to let the music sink in.

Casey Veggies did the smart move for a young black man and finished high school before embarking on his musical journey to the fullest.

So as I saw Veggies collabo with people like Pac Div, Mac Miller, and Rich Hil (for a WACK mixtape) I knew he was gonna blow soon.

Peep the tape and swag out with Young Veggies.


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Havoc From Mobb Deep Drunk Tweets

Well looks like there is trouble in Queensbridge.

Havoc from everyone's favorite midget rap group Mobb Deep basically confirmed what people have been saying for years.

That Prodigy has been getting fucked.

I have always heard that it is a well known fact Prodigy used to get robbed a lot in Queensbridge but it was sorta kept hush hush since the Mobb roll Deep and all.

But I didn't think that the Sickle Cell Soldier was getting fucked LITERALLY.

The strange thing though is now Havoc is saying he left his phone at a gas station, someone had access to all his passwords, and subsequently started posting slander
Really Havoc?

Since I consider myself a fan of their music since the Infamous days I feel like the real answer makes more sense.

Illseed (who is fuckin back by the way...go to his site and peep) says that the real deal is Havoc was drunk and angry at the way he was portrayed in the book Prodigy wrote.

Funny because he was portrayed as a drunk in the book so I guess life imitates book?

Or something like that.

Here is audio of Havoc on the Breakfast Club explaining what he what happened.

He gets called out by Charlamagne tha God because to quote the great Nat King Cole song, "Your story's kinda funny and it sounds just like a lie."

I remember when illseed had this rumor way back when P first dropped his book about how pissed Havoc was and then it kinda died down.

Guess those late night drinking sessions by yourself brought it back again.

I think I am going to bump the Infamous and Hell on Earth all week to remember the good times.

Instead of these rich nigga problems that are lame as faaawk.

Possibly rock someone in the face and stab their brain with they nose bone.

Because my Henn rock is strong enough to make your heartbeat stop.

I leave you with Ballerina P.


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Monday, April 9, 2012

Rusko - Songs (Album Review)

1st thing 1st I am not a fuckin old rich white/black/latin/insert race here out of touch music editor who thinks he knows the music but doesn't know shit.

I am a hip-hop head and a Sub Soldier.

Meaning don't question my hip-hop knowledge unless you droppin gems and don't talk about dubstep because your girlfriend and best friend look like Skrillex and your frat buds dig it.

I like music that technically sounds good and dubstep produced and engineered properly you can feel in your soul.

Since hip-hop is pushing mediocrity to the masses these days, dubstep is trying to fill the void in white America's consciousnesses.

Yes dubstep is everywhere now.

Commercials to television shows and clubs across America are letting the bass drop.

One person who really hasn't changed much since bursting onto the scene with the excellent essential dubmix Fabriclive 37 is Rusko AKA The Bass Monster Who Called Deadmau5 a cunt.

Rusko returns with is first studio album since his 2010 banger O.M.G.

This album produced the MASSIVE anthem Hold On featuring Amber Coffman which is still beating up dancefloors across the world today.

Personally from that album I really enjoy the tracks from Kumon, Kumon, Raver's Delight, Dial My Number, and Scareware but a lot of dub purists will complain and say that some of those are not "true "dub.

Whatever its fucking catchy and great to dance to so STFU and dance.

Anyways with this new release Songs, Rusko goes back to Babylon.

With a heavy reggae influence throughout this reminds me of his earlier work on a few dubplates he released called Babylon Vol 1 & 2. And I love it.

This track is my favorite from the album because dammit the bass just grinds your face off. In a good way.

This album was a blend of what people liked about the first album and what old school Rusko fans like me fuckin love. jah bless

Since Rusko said fuck MadDecent I almost want to just post a link to the album.

But since Diplo's love of dubstep introduced me to Rusko I will not do that.

Buy that shit from Amazon and itunes and let your summer ride.

Follow Rusko on twitter and go see him on tour this summer.

may 28th marquee Theater I will be there.

Watch him jump around like a madman. It's fun. Much better live.

And where the fuck have I been for 2 years?

To quote the great Waka Flocka Flames...I'm just livin life shawty, shawty Im just livin life!

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