Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Casey Veggies - Customized Greatly Vol.3

West Coast is alive, kickin and probably makin better music than where you live.

Besides Danny Brown at least. He is dope as hell.

Anyways Young Veggies is kind enough to bless us with his latest tape Customized Greatly Vol.3.

I found Senor Veggies after Marc from MJF was manically posting all things Odd Future.

December 2010 to be exact.

I caught their show on Fallon was amazed by them scaring the shit out of Brandon T. Jackson and found their music.

During my online stumbles I came across Casey Veggies as OFWGKTA affiliated it so I dl'ed and was not disappointed.

I saw the first 2 Customized Greatly but I just downloaded Sleeping In Class because it had Tyler, the Creator on it honestly.

The tape slapped hard as fuck.

When it starts off with a track like this you know you are in for a quality listen.

Another banger with Ro Ransom AKA Nero

When Ridin Round came on I gave the tape another 3 listens just to let the music sink in.

Casey Veggies did the smart move for a young black man and finished high school before embarking on his musical journey to the fullest.

So as I saw Veggies collabo with people like Pac Div, Mac Miller, and Rich Hil (for a WACK mixtape) I knew he was gonna blow soon.

Peep the tape and swag out with Young Veggies.


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