Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jaybo feat Sleep - Beach Chair (Video)

Stumbled on this video during my online travels.

Was pleasantly surprised to find out that Jaybo is from Chandler, Arizona.

I love the fact that the people making QUALITY music and making MONEY are not gangster rappers...

Anyways the song is a nice relaxin summer slapper.

I need to holla at these cats and see whats goodie mob.

Or rob banks.

Either way the song is dope and its cool to let folks worldwide get a chance to hear some ill music.

Was gonna review another AZ artist but right now I am chillin in my beach chair.

With a cold bottle on ice right here.

Check out Jaybo on facebook here.

If you wanna get some dope visuals from Jakob Owens holla at him on twitter or here.


Jaybo feat Sleep - Beach Chair


Jaybo - Room Full of Vultures (Video)

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