Friday, February 26, 2010

DJ Drama & Dorrough - Number 23

I saw Dorrough in June in Vegas at Ray J's Poetry Nightclub and he was having a good time with his green chain. His weed carriers were literally sippin bottles of Moet, blowing Black & Milds and mean muggin the shit outta everyone.

Dorrough was all smiles though and went through a bunch of songs I had never heard besides Ice Cream Paint Job.

I guess he had 2 songs on 106 and Park at the time and was feelin good about that.

Dorrough - Walk that Walk

Dorrough - Ice Cream Paint Job

Mad props for any young nigga who is hustlin, blows up...AND KEEPS HUSTLIN LIKE HE NEVER MADE IT.

At least from what I have seen so far.

And he actually says some shit that makes sense in the interviews I have read from him so big up Dorrough.

Follow him on Twitter or check out his MySpace for more Dorrough Music.

What I liked about this tape besides it was a Gangsta Grillz Production and I support that kinda quality to the end, is that is sounds like a Dorrough Music tape more than it does a Gangsta Grillz tape.

I mean we get Drama drops but we get Dorrough Music drops too which I haven't heard really before and I gotta say it did the job well.

Dorrough Music is in my head.

Now let it get in your head too.


DJ Drama & Dorrough - Number 23

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yelawolf - Trunk Music

Not much needs to be said besides this is a str8 slapper.

I saw this online awhile back and honestly was like eh.


What the fuck is a Yelawof 1st off.

Then I saw this single with Juelz Mixing Up the Medicine.

Again I said Cam aint fuckin with Juelz only Chris Brown so eh.

I'll pass.

But dammit I saw the Trunk Musik cover and it intrigued me so I downloaded it.

More than glad I did.

From the 1st bass dropping in and him rappin his ass off on the title track I was more than impressed.

Yelawolf - Trunk Musik

Me being who I am I search for more.

And found Stereo and Slick Rick E. Bobby.

Since I do love me some Ricky Bobby I was now a Yelawolf supporter.

Its not often I hear an MC who make me feel that not only are they having fun doing what they do but they actually talented as fuck.

Yelawolf keeps it real from interviews I have read online and as a person who keeps it funky I can respect that.

Support good music and fuckin follow him on twitter or check his MySpace page.

I mean Alabama isn't just Rich Boy anymore.

Now we got some heat coming from that dirt.

Alabama Stand the Fuck Up.

Even if you have no computer or online connection.

Yelawolf - Trunk Music


Yelawolf - My Box Chevy Pt.2


Yelawolf - Ballad of Slick Ricky Bobby

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

T-Pain feat Young Jeezy - Reverse Cowgirl

Well Mr Auto Tune went away for a minute.

What happened to T-Wayne?

Will that album see the light of day while Wayne can't or is it like the I Can't Feel Your Face album with Juelz was executive produced by En Vogue? We neva gonna get it.

But T-Willickers or Top Hat Man as some say has created a banger in my eyes.

Everytime I hear this song it makes me think of that one chick who used to wave her hands in the air and go OOOOOOaaaaaaaaaaa.

I mean I hope any males reading this have experienced this position in the real world.

Lets you grab and control as well as beat like a drum from the bottom mind you.

Anyways for all the Nappy Boys who got screwed by Mr Pain...he is cool in my book with those Moonite chains.

Well enjoy and giddyup giddyup.

T-Pain feat Young Jeezy - Reverse Cowgirl

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rick Ross - Mafia Music II (Bar by Bar Review)

Gotdamn Officer Ricky.

I mean I don't say this to be mean but I mean you were a correctional officer and I don't knock any man for making money to support his family.

But gotdamn you Ricky because the music you make tells me that you really believe the shit you rap about.

Like really truly believe that you were some sort of Cocaine Cowboy.

I mean I can't even say I didn't enjoy Deeper than Rap.

I put that shit in and banged the hell outta it for about 2-3 weeks.

Then the luster wore off and I think I started slapping the Jacka really hard to wash off the filmy glossy reality that you made me live in.

It was a nice image you created for me, but we both know it's not a reality.

You rap really well and paint vivid images that you created in your mind and probably obtained by talking to some of the inmates that you were in charge of from your C.O. days.

But then when I sit back and really listen all you really do is drop really dope lines from someones fantasy life then mix that in with lines about how you are rich and fuck groupies, but said in an entertaining way. Honestly I have to believe you got most of this fantasy life from your C.O. days.

"Come together as one. One gang. One nation. We making informants get plastic surgery. What's behind the moon. Gangster City. Ross"

What the fuck are you talking about here Bawse? Who is we? You and Triple C's? I mean I can almost picture your lazy eye wobbling around as you ramble this shit in the booth after just smoking a blunt or eating a sammich. Its dope but gotdamn Ross.

"Kilograms were the key to my success I apologize being so discrete with my connects"
Dialated pupils are the seeds to a niggas greed
I mean dammit Ross either you have tapped into the inner Don in you or you took notes from your C.O. days. Keep those connects to yourself ya know.

"If she fucking me she lucky just to get some Chucky Cheese, I bust my nut and holla lucky me, its tatted in my vein I remain sucka free"

Stop tricking when you got it niggas word to Beeda Weeda (If you rap holla at Beeda for a verse yaddadamean) And what the fuck is that end about bein so happy you paid for the pussy?

Then that Islamic shit he says just sounds dope.

Someone translate for me.

"Being gangsters a cold job, wacker nigga go rejoice with a blowjob, always wanted a Rolls-Royce with no job, then again all I fear is a dope charge, uhh all I fear is a dope charge, tell me whats the odds for appeals for a dopeboy, who sheds tears for a dopeboy, or what happens to the kids of a dopeboy?"

Damn Bawse you spit some real shit right here. Way to go.

"You know we hustle to the key of life,moving weed and white before we learn to read and write,
so fuck a tutor pay attention to my shooter, she fucking me today but next she b fucking Luda,
we assholes with fast cars and cash flow, my last load was gift wrapped by Castro"

I mean dammit the lines were coming ill and then the beat crashed and then this nigga talking about loads gift wrapped by Castro and we are on the hear you go again Ross. I guess. I hope he means he was smoking a Cuban while he busted on some fat chick. On a side note I hope he only fucks semi fat chicks its not cool watching fat people have sex with skinny people. I fear for them.

"I did it all but the blow was my specialty, mental telepathy directly in my recipe"

Blank stare.

"ahh, 2 mill on my second home, still stepping on a couple bricks of that methadone (Blank Stare)
I got a method for getting money like RZA do(movies), resurrected big poppa in the physical"

You really went there huh Ricky. I mean this makes me think this track is relatively recent considering the Big Poppa reference and the not so strange Diddy cosign.
“Oh y’all ain’t hear the second verse,” Diddy said about Ross’ ‘Angels’ collaboration. “Yo, y’all gonna peep that when we world premiere that. I don’t know, I guess him and Biggie locked up in the room, even my man Hen Roc even said that. For my man Hen Roc to say that and co-sign it like ‘Yo, my man right there sounding like our homie.’ That right there is something special. That’s a mean co-sign, that’s a mean co-sign. I don’t know what was going on in the studio, the spirits were connecting but it’s official. It ain’t bootleg, it ain’t got no preservatives in it.” (Spliff TV)

Ok Diddy we all know you are not ever gonna stop so to see you jump onto yet another rappers coattails isnt surprising but what about Red Cafe? He's ill.

Red Cafe feat Fabolous - I'm Ill

Anyways back to Ross. He continues with his usual drug stories to end the track but as a strange twist he begins naming who he is here to succeed...

"So let the panel know we back, the commission intact, teflon don and all black fulfilling contracts
I’m only here to supersede my successors:
RIP Paul Castellano, Myer Lansky, Bumpy Johnson, Al Capone
T-Roger, Tookie Williams, Carlo Gambino and last but not least John Gotti, Teflon Don,
Ross, Ross, Ross"

Of all the ways to end a track Bawse you end naming off old mobsters and then Tookie gets thrown in there to for what?

Why not Ricky Ross...oh wait.

Why not Kenneth "Boobie" Williams since you know him?

I mean it honestly sounds like he really believes what he says. I cant say he didn't move keys of coke and isn't owed favors from Noriega but I can say that this reminds me of this lesbian I know who loves to fuck her girlfriend with a strap on. Yea I agree why is she a lesbian right if she needs a wang? Stick to bagel bopping. Anyways this chick swears that she can bust a nut fucking her girl with this strap on attached. No its not a double sided one either it is like a fake penis hanging there. She said that she gets off on the act of pretending to be a man is what gets her off. I said she needs some counseling because she has convinced her brain that she is a man and that is crazy. Rub yourself like a normal woman ya know.

Anyways when Ross ends on his dramatic Ross, Ross, Ross he sounds like a crazy person reaffirming something to their already destroyed mental.

I mean seriously what the fuck is wrong with this guy? Like to me I imagine in his brain he hears people chanting Ross maybe but to me its like the sane part of him is screamin "Loser, Loser, Loser." Who the fuck does he think he is? I can once again see his lazy eye wobbling around crazily while he says this too. Jeez. But again this song is dope way to go

I mean to be clear I really enjoyed both of Rick's albums but I am torn on this fantasy world he is living in. Maybe he is the Biggest Boss we have seen thus far.

or maybe he just ate Guerrilla Black and Biggie's ghost had a radioactive Ouji incident with Puff and Justin.

Anyways despite my commentary enjoy.

Rick Ross - Mafia Music 2


Behind the Scenes Mafia Music 2 Produced by the Olympicks

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

B.o.B, DJ Drama and DJ Sense - May 25th

Happy New Year!

And oh yeah.

Straight up.

Fuck you.

Fuck you all you fucks who took my link down because I didn't write some shit for sometime.

What the fuck.

Can a motherfucker do someshit or what?!

Its cool.

Just like when Deebo took yall niggas gold chains, u shut the fuck up when I was here.

Now that I gone yall lil nigs wanna run yall mouths.


I will be back like Arnold and I will be blacker than oil and tougher than leather.

So to all my haters.


Word to B.oB.

B.o.B feat DG Yola & Lil Boosie - Fuck You

Anyways I been listening to alot of music lately word to Pac Div but this came out a few days ago so why not keep it fresh.

This is a slapper from B.o.b.O.B.o.B.o....well you get the point.


DJ Drama & DJ Sense & B.o.B. - May 25th

Gangsta Grillz You Bastards.

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