Sunday, September 28, 2008

50 Cent - 50 Cent For President

What more that needs to be said about this track but how soon can we get 50 into office?

Where have I been and what have I been up to?

King Shit.

I been here I been there I been balls deep in coochie hair.

So now people are asking the question....Barack or McCain?

The time to decide is coming soon.

Fuck em both I say!!

50 Cent For President!!

Shout out those 2 Dope Fiends.


50 Cent - 50 Cent For President

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rick Ross AKA Big Boss Man

Come on people he is the Boss.

We know who his idol is...


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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Killer Mike & Ice Cube - Pressure (Video)

Yeah I am still around but ain't really got time to get on and yap it up.

As much as I would love to pollute your mind with senseless music with no point like so many others...

Zamunda is gonna undergo some changes.

West Coast music will be here.

Mixtapes, songs, and artists u aint heard of but should have...

TBITA, and the Dookie Monster got it right.

Sorta. lol.

There are so many talented West Coast artists who get no shine unless they Bow Down to Snoop or str8 up rob a nigga to make the papers so they need a place to flourish...

Anyways enough babbling here is the latest Killer Mike featuring Ice Cube.

Like Eskay said...

Ya'll folks are not ready for this video.

Oh well.


Killer Mike & Ice Cube - Pressure (Video)

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm Back Bitches

First off shout out Japcity for making me quit this shit for awhile to ponder things.

Them and life.

Cuz like the bumper sticker says...

Shit happens.

But I did do some music in between bullshit.

Listen to it here because with song names like 2 In The Pink, 1 In The Stink, Man Clapped, and Ole Lookin Ass Nigga how can you go wrong?


Japcity was a very minor reason for my extended haitus because they had a song that I heard in April that actually made me lose respect for way too many of your favorite rappers.

And many of these wanna be rappers who try to be like your favorite rappers.

Because it was so true.

So fuckin true.

If you didn't already know by now many of your favorite rappers are fuckin gay men in tight pants, draped in jewelry, shiny belt buckles, and duffel bags galore.

Nothin against gay people its just that they need to just come out the fuckin closet because it is really sad to watch grown men just embarrass themselves so damn much.

Real recognize real folks and that shit is fuckin comical you buster ass niggas.

Japcity - Statin the Facts

Wayne is funny to me because I can remember in Royalty School being really into No Limit like many other people in the country and a friend of mine got me some old Cash Money.

Shit goes hard as fuck.

So me being a King and shit I had a servant investigate a lil into this Cash Money Records and got me an printed magazine interview with Lil Wayne where he talked about shooting himself while high.

Yes high.

No not like high on some heroin or something but high on weed.


Marijuana is not a drug.


Sad and he should have gotten counseling to investigate the root of his problems and not done the "I'm Gonna Blame Weed as My Gateway to Insanity Shit".

Instead he went on to believe I guess that someone else shot him?? as he trys to imply in interviews all the damn time now.

I don't even want to make this a Wayne post just bootleg that wack Carter 3.

Then go buy if you can The Empire The Drought is Over Pt.2 Carter 3 Sessions.

Pretty much every mixtape released during the Wayne mania is better than the Carter 3 so I suggest you put your hard earned money, especially in these recession filled days, into the pocket of the DJ.

They all go way harder than again I say that shitty album.

OK that was harsh.

Not shitty.

But classic it is not.

Its a good CD to ride to for a few days until it gets annoying.

And who really the money in these days Wayne or the DJ?

I mean He Gets Money and Everybody Knows It, He Hangs Out in the Club and Throws It.

Like Fly. Thisaway. Fly. Thataway. Fly. Thisaway. Fly. Thataway. Right?

He made a song about it so I guess it's true right?

To no one in particular...Carter 2 was better but they still are nowhere near a classic. Get deep about your city...oh wait it's not your city. I forget. Fuckin homo.

Fuck Lil Wayne

Wayne you need rehab.

And when you do get rehab and you come back near me in concert.

I'm gonna rob your lil ass.

Shout out Nick Wonder who still yes is better than your local DJ you slutmonkeys.

To take a page from LowKey.

I'll be back.

And here is Esther Baxter's back.

Japcity - Take that Nigga Chain

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Panama da Spanish Kid Video

King Jafee says...

Watch this shit folks...

C-boxer/actor/MC/spanish kid Panama is back with a video for dat ass.

That is where all that Wire money goes towards.


Panama da Spanish Kid Video (Directed by prudy & track produced by Hitmen)


Panama da Spanish Kid Sucker Freestyle on MTV2

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It's Called A Millie People

And by the way...

If this is really in your topics of important fucking discussions...

You need more blow.


Lil Wayne on MTV Previewing A Millie (Yes A Millie is the title)

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rich Boy - Bigger Than The Mayor

Shout out all my folks living in a 3rd world country here in America.

Alabama is poor as fuck folks.

Shit I can name off too many damn places that are living in conditions that would make Anderson Cooper ashamed to have floated on that boat in New Orleans after Katrina.

How we can have people living that that here in America and yet still have the majority of our own society turn a blind eye to the problem is fucking bonkers fa reals.

Like all I ever hear those who are making the choices that affect our lives talk about is gays, guns, and religion.

No one cares about education, health care, and reality.

Tuskegee stand up.

Rich Boy still is a funny looking nigga but shit so the fuck am I.

Well not a funny looking nigga...

A fly looking nigga.

The ladies say I'm a Beast like Kells but that's another story...


Rich Boy - Bigger Than The Mayor

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Dem Franchise Boyz - Mr. Feel Good (Produced by Mannie Fresh)

OK real talk is it cool that Mannie Fresh is apparently using the same damn tempo for all his songs post 400 Degreez production, the same drum patterns damn near, and not even altering the damn melodies that fucking much?

I used to really like Mannie but to keep it funky folks, I heard this song and was struck hard with beat Deja Vu.

I coulda sworn I heard this before...


But this song is new isn't it?

Sad thing is people will be shucking and jiving to this bullshit soon enough.

I have nothing against quality club music it's just the so blatant lack of caring? or creativity? that really ticks me off honestly.

I will never ever subject my citizens to this bullshit again.

Shout out YK for blessing the world with this nonsense.

Dem Franchise Boyz - Mr. Feel Good

Here is some King Jafee which is guaranteed to give you an eargasm in 49 of the 50 states and all provinces.

King Jafee - Ole Lookin Ass Nigga

King Jafee - Turned Out Your Girl

Now get some Reh Dogg in your system to clear out the sinuses.

If he had a dollar for all his views he would be a YouTube millionaire.

And still more creative than Mannie Fresh apparently.

Chocolate Reeeeeign.

What happened to "I want to do rock producing and shit Mannie?"

The "I am versatile Mannie?"

Did Timbaland bulk up and scare you away from that pop money?

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The Roots feat Patrick Stump - Birthday Girl (Video)

Well this has a porn star in it so why I didn't post it already is beyond me.


The Roots feat Patrick Stump - Birthday Girl


Sasha Grey on Eating Sperm

Sasha Grey on Fellatio

Sasha Grey on Interracial Porn

See who says a porn star cannot hold an intelligent conversation!!

I need to interview some porn stars...

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Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo (Video)

Meant to post this awhile back.

Great vid.

Shout out Miss Dev.


Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo (Video)


Lupe Fiasco feat Nikki Jean - Hip-Hop Has Saved My Life (Very calming ringtone by the way)

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Playarz Circle feat Phonte - Paper Chaser/We Workin (Video)

They album really wasn't as bad as folks was trying to say.

Oh well that's life I guess.

Haterz everywhere.

I remember at a concert about 5 years ago when Tity Boi was introduced as the latest member of DTP and I wondered what happened to him.

Support these niggaz before Chaka and Luda start really sending they troops to the fields to pick cotton fa reals.


Playarz Circle feat Phonte - Paper Chaser/We Workin

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Spark Dawg - Big Upz (2 All My Haterz)

I was thinking to myself the other day...

Damn if I had some ill beat makers around me I would have them make that vocal sample into a song...

Spark Dawg is someone I have been bumping for awhile because I love my hip-hop.

And in the picture he has the red hat on with dreds cheesing.

Shout out Panama Da Spanish Kid.

I need to start some serious you ain't already know in this bitch.

This internet is a great tool to spread stuff around the world I have heard...


Spark Dawg - Big Upz (2 All My Haterz)

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ya Boy - 100 Bars of Death (Video)


Ya Boy just flow.

Check his latest video for 100 Bars of Death as he drops 100 Bars of Death.


Ya Boy - 100 Bars of Death


Ya Boy - Still in the Hood

Clyde Carson - Hood Stomped Out

We West Coastin It over here people.

Don't get your motherfuckin hood stomped out.

Fa reals.

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Wu-Tang Clan - The Heart Gently Weeps (Video)

Some boring music has been dropping the past week so good looking on the Wu to swoop in and drop a good video.


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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Louis Rankin feat Red Hot Lover Tone - Typewriter

It is always funny to me hear an old school Poke and Tone track who are collectively known to the world as the Trackmasters these days.

Mostly because there are only a few cats who came up during the "Golden Age of Hip-Hop" and successfully turned it into the lifestyle that many cats imagine living today because of the extreme commercialization of the music industry...

Remember when everyone was broke, lovin it, and toured to showcase their craft & skills and collect the good check?

They happened to be one of them because at some point they must have sat down and said...

"Well we make a lot more producing records for people yo. Let's stick to doing that. Maybe sign a few artists while we are at it too."

They signed 50 Cent before he got shot and executive produced his entire 1st album...for those who care...for those who don't they signed some other people you probably will not care about either.

So they stuck to their formula of making hits for people.

They changed with the times too.

Older tracks have that old school feel to them while I bet you wouldn't even know what they produced nowadays it is so poppy sounding.

Good for them though.

Get that money.

Since many of you know only know Louie Rankin by his characters in Belly as the Jamaican who gets cut by that buck naked beauty in his own home, or as basically the same character in Shottas, but I bet you didn't know he was a dance hall legend of sorts?

Shout out Tony Sunshine for having one of the dopest blogs around.

In my MC opinion, the blogs giving me hard to find exclusive to your ears instrumentals are my favorite.

And his blog is dope because he drops a fresh vinyl for dat ass dat you probably are not up on but should be.

So shout out him again.

And enjoy Louie.

Louis Rankin feat Red Hot Lover Tone - Typewriter

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Friday, April 11, 2008

You Ain't Already Know? Corey Gunz

Corey Gunz is someone you should already know.

Most cats know him now because of the recent verse, or should we say Renegading he did on Lil Wayne's A Millie.

Here is an older tracker with Corey Gunz featuring Lil Wayne for the Wayne lover in you all.

Corey Gunz feat Lil Wayne - I Gotcha (Produced by Just Blaze)

His pops Peter Gunz had the semi hit Deja Vu with Lord Tariq, who coincidently most recently seen dissing Fat Joe in Brooklyn.

Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq - Deva Vu (Uptown Baby)

Anywho Gunz kid Corey is what you call a spitter fa reals.

He has been signed to Def Jam for a minute under Tommy Motolla's Casablanca Records but hasn't dropped yet.

Well for those of you who ain't already know...

Enjoy the vids of young Corey Gunz.

And get familiar.

Hip-hop will never die.

Corey Gunz & Hash in the Hood

Corey Gunz Smack DVD Freestyle

Corey Gunz Live From 174th (Miss

Corey Gunz - Get Em Girls (Freestyle)

Corey Gunz - For The Spittas

Corey Gunz Freestyle in Miami

Corey Gunz the Cipher

Corey Gunz Freestyle The Scoop DVD

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Cassidy - Umma Tru G

Cassidy goes pretty hard over Rocko's Umma Do Me beat.

He looks very constipated in that pic.

Is it gangsta to have Drag-On telling the world you are backed up?

I guess so.

Shout out Splash.


Cassidy - Umma Tru G

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Andre & Andre

Recently a song was released that features Ambassador Rick and Rick Ross.

It made me say fuck posting shit for a day because it was such a blatant rip off of Andre and Andre that I had to burn some lumber and chill out.

Listen to the original Andre and Andre because dammit there can be only one.

Mac Dre & Andre Nickatina - Andre & Andre

Anyways if you don't know who Mac Dre (RIP) or Andre Nickatina are be prepared to learn a lil bit.

Just a lil bit.

Mac Dre was a dope MC from the Bay area who put out his first tape in 1989 called Young Black Brotha.

Original triple C's fa reals.

Country Club Crest.

But he basically got caught up in some supposed conspiracy to commit bank robbery shit.

I guess a crew in the area calling themselves the Romper Room Gangsters had been pullin some heists and he mentioned Romper Room in some of his songs.

Go figure.

Anyways he got out and started putting out feel good music.

Mac Dre - Thizzle Dance

He started doing collabs with cats from Kansas City and generally kept himself busy by putting out banging CDs constantly.

With creative covers and funny titles galore.

Ronald Dreagan, Thizzelle Washington, Al Boo Boo he kept us the listener entertained.

He started Thizz Ent to help up and coming rhymers get a chance to shine.

RIP Mac Dre and shout out Mistah FAB for holding the torch for Thizz Ent.

Mac Dre - Boss Tycoon

Mac Dre - California Livin'

Mac Dre - Feelin Myself (Remix)

Mac Dre - Giggin'

Andre Nickatina is pure Fillmore Street.

Cocaine raps for dat ass.

He is the definition of a true MC.

His shows be live and his style is his own.

Andre Nickatina feat Coughnut (RIP) - Motherfucka (Live 2/20/94)

Andre Nickatina - Situation Critical

Andre Nickatina - N Yo Eyes

Andre Nickatina - Old School Vid

Andre Nickatina - Smoke Dope and Rap


Mac Mall - Ghetto Theme (Directed by Tupac...Yes That Guy)

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

La La feat The Game - Sprung


Well as I tell people all the time, you don't work you don't eat.

Don't grind you don't shine.

Anyways La La is a upcoming artist from LA (Suprise Suprise!)

Peep her MySpace page here.

The Game took a minute away from beefing with white rappers and 50 Cent to hop on this track.

Shout out Splash.


La La feat The Game - Sprung

And since we don't show La La favoritism around here...

Enjoy Carmelo's La La.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Karina Pasian - Official Girl (Produced by Danja)

I already let my citizens know about Karina and her real life track 16@ War a few months back and she has dropped a second single.

They are comparing her to Alicia Keys but why?

She is Karina Pasian in my opinion.

A multi talented young woman named Karina who is set to do HUGE things in the music industry.

I guess the Alicia label will bring her in more fans though.

So if you like Ms Keys you will like her?


That's the logic.

The song was produced by Timbaland protege Danja Handz and written by the Clutch and is off her upcoming album First Love coming out this June..

Shout out YK for the pic and track.


Karina Pasian - Official Girl (Produced by Danja)

The only really odd thing is I know many are looking at the pic like damn shorty is pretty bad.

She is 16 buddy.

So unless you have no qualms about possibly meeting Chris Hansen from Dateline TV, pump them brakes.

Thank the marketing geniuses at Def Jam for her hoops and more than likely the expression.

We want to see sexy Karina!!

Think of your childhood slipping away and don't smile!!

So for all of you industry scum, wanna be superstars, failed drug dealers, former sports stars, etc, etc, etc who are lurking in wait for fresh young meat...

One more year and she is legal in most Southern states.

And most of Europe.

Since we have such a fun look these days directly into celebs lives let's see if she will pull the Alicia or the Whitney.

Stay connected to Karina here at her blog if it tickles your fancy.

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Baby Wayne Would Kill You Too

I hope to God this is the final cover.

Toddlers with teardrops, other random facial tats, and a black diamond ring to kiss is so damn gangsta I don't know why I didn't think of it first.

Like this nigga is 80 gazillion levels above us right now.

Off in Gangsterland with a cup of lean, crooked blunt, rolling on 8 pills, a freshly numbed face, and Baby on his mind.

It's not as gangsta as his last rumored album cover though.

This is so hardcore killa yo it makes me wanna go to a nursery and start smackin up newborns.

His eyes are blue cuz he is Stevie Wonder and sees none of us niggas, and his lips are red cuz he is gonna give us the Kiss of Death.

Or he is just really, really, really fuckin confused yo.

I think Rick said it best.

Cocaine is a hellavu drug.

Why they focus on his lean addiction blows my mind though.

Oh wait since cocaine is still and will always be the rich man's drug, why talk about people still to this day who are abusing it.

That means there is a problem.

Talk about shit that affects the urban community because let's face it, it's fun to look at others.

Especially those with less money than you which in this world we live in today equates to having less of an opinion.

Look at our own personal issues?

Never dat.

Look at real shit affecting us?

Well Ashlee Simpson got engaged so fuck that mess.

Please feed me bullshit and irrelevance media!!!

I need it so!!!

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Alfamega feat Young Dro & Mac Boney - Act Hard

Grand Hustle Muscle Alfamega dropped a new track.

Featuring Young Dro.

And Mac Boney.

I have seen this being posted around but no one mentions Mac Boney.

Since I copped both the Mac Boney and Alfamega mixtapes, I feel that he deserves some shine too.

That nig go hella hard.

Grand Hustle is more than TI and Dro folks.

Mac Boney was with TI when he got popped buying the artillery.

Give him a lil credit and give him a lil credit people!!


Alfamega feat Young Dro & Mac Boney - Act Hard

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G-Unit - Like A Dog (Video)

No pic.

You know who they be.

Few words.

It's 50 and Company.

Minus one Ten-A-Key.


G-Unit - Like A Dog (Video)

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Wiz Khalifa - The Boss Freestyle

Pittsburgh's own Wiz Khalifa has a new freestyle.

Who is Wiz?

Fuckin a yo....

A dope rhymer that's what.

As I have repeatedly told my citizens I will not steer you wrong.

Shout out Eskay for the track.


Wiz Khalifa - The Boss Freestyle


Wiz Khalifa - Oh No

Wiz Khalifa - Youngin On His Grind Video (My Ringtone Right Now By The Way)

Wiz Khalifa - Say Yeah Video (FIRE)

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Algernod Lanier Washington - Who Hotter Than Me? (Video)

I honestly just posted this because Plies real name is Algernod Lanier Washington.

Algernod Lanier Washington and his fellow reputable Goons I guess.


Algernod Lanier Washington - Who Hotter Than Me

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Keith Murray - Don't Hate Me Cause I'm Beautiful

What more to be said?

Keith Murray is a legend in the game.

Def Squad ya'll.

This is my new theme song.

Don't Hate Me Cuz I'm Beautiful.

You'll be alrite.

Shout out Eskay.


Keith Murray - Don't Hate Me Cause I'm Beautiful


Keith Murray - The Most Beautifulist Thing In The World

Keith Murray - Hustle On

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Juelz Santana feat Jim Jones & RAB - Stack Money


I mean...

Byrd Gang!!!

I mean...

Skull Gang!!!

I guess.

So can anyone just be real yo?

Or is it really needed for hip-hop to resemble the WWE soooooooo much.

Folks getting traded and switching teams because it is just one big circus of clowns....

For entertainment purposes this bang so DBS Gang - We Fly High.

DipByrdSkull Gang all day.

Ya Dig!!

Shout out Splash.


Juelz Santana feat Jim Jones & RAB - Stack Money


Jim Jones On Crack (Or He Is Just a Very Crackhead Actin Type of Nigga)

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Stat Quo feat B.o.B. - My Ride (Double Bubble)

Stat Quo.

Dope rhymer.

I copped Statlanta back when.......

Oh wait a fuckin minute.

That's right.

It STILL hasn't dropped.

Who should we blame?

I blame Dre because for some reason reoccurring album push backs seem to be right up his alley.

Or maybe Eminem really IS a pill poppin animal and forgot he signed him.

Anyways he has a new track featuring another young talented MC such as myself named B.o.B.

He is also from Atlanta.

Shout out Splash.


Stat Quo feat B.O.B. - My Ride (Double Bubble)

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Usher feat TI & Young Jeezy - Love In The Club (Remix)

This picture says - See I told you all I am not gay. She has a vagina. Snap the shot and spread the word.

Well shout out LowKey for the track, and for being like a normal person and working a job to create a lil thing known as income in the real world.

Even bigger props for getting paid to do what you love.

For those of you in your parent's basement, attic, garage, or just those of you who happen to be in a country that supports Bitchassness, bring the hate to me.

At least until I get that Vitamin Water money.

Then it's Fuck Em All.

Motherfuck Em All.


Usher feat TI & Young Jeezy - Love In The Club (Remix)

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King Jafee - Turned Out Your Girl (Freestyle)

What more needs to be said.

From the Off The Dome Diaries coming soon.

I spit on your graves.


King Jafee - Turned Out Your Girl (Freestyle)



King Jafee - Countdown (Produced by Large Professor)

King Jafee - My Fever (Produced by J.Dilla)

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Get The Fuck Out!! & Liar, Liar (No DJ)

That is Buck getting shot.

What is there to say but I saw this coming a mile away.

Begros crossing the Mason Dixon is always an issue.

Ummm if you don't want to hear Jonesy and Envy yap it up fast forward to 7:30.

50 calls in and things get interesting.

Obese Joe still sucks


50 Cent on Hot 97 with Miss Jones & DJ Envy

Since I was there Liar, Liar no DJ.

Shout out Splash for all that you see and hear.

50 Cent - Liar, Liar (No DJ)

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Failed Ideas In Hip-Hop Part 2

Soulja Boyz II Men got me.

Low been posting them for a minute but hey why don't I join in the fray.

Shit is funny as fuck.

Shout out The Real.

For giving us the Real.


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Nicki Minaj feat Lil Wayne - Big Spender

I will never in my life trick dollas on a chick so NO Splash, NO.

Don't give them broads nada.

Not even a few bucks.

I might let her taste that Fruit Loop, Grey Goose & Cranberry, and then the mouthpiece work.

If she ain't feelin me, well girls run like buses.

You may miss one but you can catch another one every hour on the hour.


Phat rabbit me like.

Well I can give Wayne props for hitting that.

And if not, well then Weezy Fucking Baby fa reals.

Shout out Splash.

Nicki Minaj feat Lil Wayne - Big Spender


Nicki Minaj feat Lil Wayne - High As A Kite

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Usher feat Young Jeezy - Love In The Club (Video)

Thanks Logic for this banger!!


Usher feat Young Jeezy - Love In The Club

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lil Wayne - A Millie (More Swag Version)

This photo was taken after Lil Wayne finished recording this verse.

He likes chicken, chicken, chicken.

With all the talk of Corey Gunz ethering him on his own track, Lil Paine went into the studio and re-recorded what was already a pretty banging track.

I think I will start posting Songs 2 Ride 2 because I am no DJ but dammit I make some dope mixes to ride too.

Maybe we can get some Wonder-ful shit done to it.

A Millie is on rotation because it bang and entertain.

The Corey Gunz version.

This is basically the same first verse, with T-Wayne adding some extra swag filled new lyrics in the 2nd verse, and then just continuing the swag time by finishing off the last verse with the same lyrics as the 1st version. just he was on more drugs this time.

Shout out C-Mob.

Lying ass nigga.

CIII my ass.

Anyways enjoy.

Lil Wayne - A Millie (More Swag Version)

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RIP Frostee Freeze

Rocksteady legend.

Big ups Rocksteady Crew.

Keep on rockin it.

Many prayers go out to his family.

Jesus has finally learned how to do the proper suicide drop.

Shout out NYOil for the track, 9th Wonder for the beat.

NYOil - Each Morning (Produced by 9th Wonder)

Many of you may have not know about DJ Wits who recently passed as well but still keep his family in your prayers.

Geolani Grandz - Close To Home

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Papoose - A Fair One (Video)

Papoose is one funny motherfucka.

Fat Joe really should start producing or something.

Under Obese Don Productions.

Laugh at Joe the next time you see him.

Point and laugh.

Khaled too.

Throw frozen water bottles at them both.


Papoose - A Fair One Fat Joe Diss

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DJ Teknikz Tracks - New Gucci & TI

ATL's own DJ Teknikz has a new mixtape out.

Cop it from your local corner store or African.

Here are a few bangers off it courtesy of Sermon.

Gucci go hard as fuck and TI is writing again.


Gucci Mane - Wilt Chamberlin

TI - Hunt Em Down

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The Game feat Black Wall Street - Our Turn

OK Game officially lost points with this one.

WTF is he STILL beefing with 50 for.

Oh yeah because of the whole I Am A Hardcore Gangsta image.


Anyways shout out Marc Jaycobs for the track but Game is making the West look bad with all his whining.

He must have an album droppin soon...

50 school of promotion.

Isn't it cute.

He is stuntin like his daddy.

Maybe he just wants to stay together.

Was I just imagining it or did one cat diss Xzibit for no damn reason?

Get a At The Speed of Life album and then let your niggas run they mouth Game.


The Game feat Black Wall Street - Our Turn

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Ray J feat Lil Kim - I Like To Trick






1st off...


Is it really cool to promote tricking for dough?

Of course it is for Miss Gallons o Semen.

I am highly disgusted.

Sadly its pretty catchy too.

Should have been called "I Am A Simp."

Shout out Mr Buy a Drink himself

Fa reals.

I guess it is OK since it is Ray J's song and he realized that as a black man you can always get white folks to listen if you whip your dick out enough.

And trick.

Trick it real good.

Does anyone remember when Kim didn't look like a plastic Cat-woman creature thing?

When she was that sexy ass hoodrat looking Kim we all knew was a ho but still wanted to give her a test run?

Those were the daaaaaays.

Shout out Splash-fu.


Ray J feat Lil Kim - I Like To Trick

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Mariah Carey feat Young Jeezy - Side Effects

Does Mariah ever look not fuckable in a picture?

I mean real talk.

Can someone find a pic of her not looking worthy of a full tongue bath plus some quality D?

Or is it just me?

I think I mighta seen one but I can't recall...

I remember awhile back reading something about how here sister literally whored herself out to get money to pay for Mariah to get clothes and studio time when she was 1st trying to get on.

I wonder if that is true?

It looks like Marc Jaycobs may be getting back to expensive bag status again.

Shout him out for the track.

He has more.

Time to sleep.


Mariah Carey feat Young Jeezy - Side Effects

Jeezy likes to smoke.

Jeezy likes to drink.

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Sky Balla feat Bleu DaVinci - Need A Bigga Room


I guess I should start droppin more not so known music because there are too many hot cats you might not have heard of.

Like Sky Balla.

Peep his MySpace here.

Homie is from the Fillmore District in San Fransisco which has given us cats like JT The Bigga Figga, San Quinn, Big Rich, and my personal favorite Andre Nickatina.

Sky Balla is the perfect example of what you can get if you grind.

You don't work you don't eat.

Buy his shit because 1st off it is major league slap and 2nd all independent artists wanna make a few bucks off record sales.

That tour money is pretty good though.

So if you see him in your city check him out.

He might suprise you.

And his album is full of quality features like Cassidy, Hell Rell, Slick Pulla, and a few more who drop some pretty slick verses.


Free Bleu DaVinci and Free Big Meech.

Sky Balla feat Bleu DaVinci - Need A Bigga Room


Sky Balla - Let's Talk Money


Bleu Da Vinci feat Fabolous - Streets On Lock

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Sunday Morning Angel

Well Angel Lola Luv recently shot a SSX spread.

I suggest if your are not up on SSX, get up on it right fucking now.

They supply month after month of quality eye candy for the world.

Vida, Buffie, Ki Toi, gorgeous women you have never heard of, the list goes on.

Or semi-gorgeous women with more ass meat than Maxim.


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