Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Karina Pasian - Official Girl (Produced by Danja)

I already let my citizens know about Karina and her real life track 16@ War a few months back and she has dropped a second single.

They are comparing her to Alicia Keys but why?

She is Karina Pasian in my opinion.

A multi talented young woman named Karina who is set to do HUGE things in the music industry.

I guess the Alicia label will bring her in more fans though.

So if you like Ms Keys you will like her?


That's the logic.

The song was produced by Timbaland protege Danja Handz and written by the Clutch and is off her upcoming album First Love coming out this June..

Shout out YK for the pic and track.


Karina Pasian - Official Girl (Produced by Danja)

The only really odd thing is I know many are looking at the pic like damn shorty is pretty bad.

She is 16 buddy.

So unless you have no qualms about possibly meeting Chris Hansen from Dateline TV, pump them brakes.

Thank the marketing geniuses at Def Jam for her hoops and more than likely the expression.

We want to see sexy Karina!!

Think of your childhood slipping away and don't smile!!

So for all of you industry scum, wanna be superstars, failed drug dealers, former sports stars, etc, etc, etc who are lurking in wait for fresh young meat...

One more year and she is legal in most Southern states.

And most of Europe.

Since we have such a fun look these days directly into celebs lives let's see if she will pull the Alicia or the Whitney.

Stay connected to Karina here at her blog if it tickles your fancy.

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