Sunday, April 13, 2008

Louis Rankin feat Red Hot Lover Tone - Typewriter

It is always funny to me hear an old school Poke and Tone track who are collectively known to the world as the Trackmasters these days.

Mostly because there are only a few cats who came up during the "Golden Age of Hip-Hop" and successfully turned it into the lifestyle that many cats imagine living today because of the extreme commercialization of the music industry...

Remember when everyone was broke, lovin it, and toured to showcase their craft & skills and collect the good check?

They happened to be one of them because at some point they must have sat down and said...

"Well we make a lot more producing records for people yo. Let's stick to doing that. Maybe sign a few artists while we are at it too."

They signed 50 Cent before he got shot and executive produced his entire 1st album...for those who care...for those who don't they signed some other people you probably will not care about either.

So they stuck to their formula of making hits for people.

They changed with the times too.

Older tracks have that old school feel to them while I bet you wouldn't even know what they produced nowadays it is so poppy sounding.

Good for them though.

Get that money.

Since many of you know only know Louie Rankin by his characters in Belly as the Jamaican who gets cut by that buck naked beauty in his own home, or as basically the same character in Shottas, but I bet you didn't know he was a dance hall legend of sorts?

Shout out Tony Sunshine for having one of the dopest blogs around.

In my MC opinion, the blogs giving me hard to find exclusive to your ears instrumentals are my favorite.

And his blog is dope because he drops a fresh vinyl for dat ass dat you probably are not up on but should be.

So shout out him again.

And enjoy Louie.

Louis Rankin feat Red Hot Lover Tone - Typewriter

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1 comment:

apani said...

I remember this joint. I do agree with the wackmasters
being dope early on. Red Hot Lover Tone was straight up dope. 98% of the industry sold out for money per se. Good looking though! Cool blog.