Friday, April 11, 2008

Andre & Andre

Recently a song was released that features Ambassador Rick and Rick Ross.

It made me say fuck posting shit for a day because it was such a blatant rip off of Andre and Andre that I had to burn some lumber and chill out.

Listen to the original Andre and Andre because dammit there can be only one.

Mac Dre & Andre Nickatina - Andre & Andre

Anyways if you don't know who Mac Dre (RIP) or Andre Nickatina are be prepared to learn a lil bit.

Just a lil bit.

Mac Dre was a dope MC from the Bay area who put out his first tape in 1989 called Young Black Brotha.

Original triple C's fa reals.

Country Club Crest.

But he basically got caught up in some supposed conspiracy to commit bank robbery shit.

I guess a crew in the area calling themselves the Romper Room Gangsters had been pullin some heists and he mentioned Romper Room in some of his songs.

Go figure.

Anyways he got out and started putting out feel good music.

Mac Dre - Thizzle Dance

He started doing collabs with cats from Kansas City and generally kept himself busy by putting out banging CDs constantly.

With creative covers and funny titles galore.

Ronald Dreagan, Thizzelle Washington, Al Boo Boo he kept us the listener entertained.

He started Thizz Ent to help up and coming rhymers get a chance to shine.

RIP Mac Dre and shout out Mistah FAB for holding the torch for Thizz Ent.

Mac Dre - Boss Tycoon

Mac Dre - California Livin'

Mac Dre - Feelin Myself (Remix)

Mac Dre - Giggin'

Andre Nickatina is pure Fillmore Street.

Cocaine raps for dat ass.

He is the definition of a true MC.

His shows be live and his style is his own.

Andre Nickatina feat Coughnut (RIP) - Motherfucka (Live 2/20/94)

Andre Nickatina - Situation Critical

Andre Nickatina - N Yo Eyes

Andre Nickatina - Old School Vid

Andre Nickatina - Smoke Dope and Rap


Mac Mall - Ghetto Theme (Directed by Tupac...Yes That Guy)

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KELLY! said...

hmmm well atleast i know your still alive if your blogging... you must just be ignoring me. how nice of you :)

Anonymous said...

dude these a**holes posing like they are really something.but rick ross is a corrections officer for over 5 years he only learned that sh** from being a punk a** c.o. and they are lovers too.but if theyre gonna rip off Mac Dre and Nickatina they better take that bulls*** song off. i hate mainstream rap its fu**in lame.

Anonymous said...

mainstream rappers are all closeted homosexuals.but they show symbolism that acknowledges of their gay feelings for each other.