Thursday, April 3, 2008

50 Cent - Liar Liar

I feel like a damn G-Unit employee who doesn't get paid.

Someone change that shit.

New 50 track from upcoming G-Unit album Lock and Load.

Anyways shout out Splash for joining LowKey in the most annoying drop category.

If I was Splash I would have used a female voice number one.

Number two she would have said, "A Splash exclusive!" all seductively and then you hear that sound a rock makes dropping straight into water.

You know the splash.

"A Splash exclusive!"


You have too many resources for such a lame drop dammit.

That fool doin it sounds like he is gettin choked out before he can finish the drop.

Shout out Splashster for the track.


50 Cent - Liar Liar

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