Saturday, April 5, 2008

John Brown is Smart & Game is Unhappy About Things And Still No One Cares

Well 1st off since I can say yes I do think the Game is very nice lyrically, I can also say that in no way shape or form is he a true representation of what he reps.

At all.

Too many artists have come forth to squash his claims and too people many have told me personally.

It's one of those "I saw things growing up and really wanted to be kinda those things so bad that once I got a lil money I decided to live out my dreams" kinda deals.

Sorta like T-Wayne.

Not everyone living in a bad area was doing bad shit.

Maybe like 45%.

Anyways I think that too many youth these days have their priorities messed up.

Fuck school, I'm gonna dribble my way to sports history.

Fuck a job, I'm gonna use some preset Apple sounds and become a producer Don.

Fuck a career, I'm gonna repeat myself, make a few wack songs and collect my wealth.

Fuck a career, I'm gonna repeat myself, make a few wack songs and collect my wealth.

In life as cliche' as it may seem all that you can not lose is your intelligence unless you are in a horrible accident and are reduced to a vegetable state and recover only to have the mind of a 3 year old.

And sometimes when you get older your mind begins slipping through your fingers like sand through the hourglass.

Those are the days of our lives.

Anyways why Game is hating on someone getting money when his past is not quite as ummm difficult as he made it out to be is beyond me.

Damn a homie of mine just got took three to the chest and one to the head like a week so I don't know if getting shot means you are the rapping Jesus Game.

My nig can't spit for shit.

And your brother says you wasn't in a coma...

50 Cent - Not Rich, Still Lyin

So let the Ghetto Revival live on.

Even though I do agree with Lord Jamal.

WTF is a Ghetto Revival?

Let's not get started on that one though...

I guess find out about the Revival here.

And watch John Brown pose a good question to Game.

Is there any future in his fronting?

Is he fronting?

The world may never know.


John Brown - Ain't No Future in Yo Frontin' (Game Response)

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