Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baby Wayne Would Kill You Too

I hope to God this is the final cover.

Toddlers with teardrops, other random facial tats, and a black diamond ring to kiss is so damn gangsta I don't know why I didn't think of it first.

Like this nigga is 80 gazillion levels above us right now.

Off in Gangsterland with a cup of lean, crooked blunt, rolling on 8 pills, a freshly numbed face, and Baby on his mind.

It's not as gangsta as his last rumored album cover though.

This is so hardcore killa yo it makes me wanna go to a nursery and start smackin up newborns.

His eyes are blue cuz he is Stevie Wonder and sees none of us niggas, and his lips are red cuz he is gonna give us the Kiss of Death.

Or he is just really, really, really fuckin confused yo.

I think Rick said it best.

Cocaine is a hellavu drug.

Why they focus on his lean addiction blows my mind though.

Oh wait since cocaine is still and will always be the rich man's drug, why talk about people still to this day who are abusing it.

That means there is a problem.

Talk about shit that affects the urban community because let's face it, it's fun to look at others.

Especially those with less money than you which in this world we live in today equates to having less of an opinion.

Look at our own personal issues?

Never dat.

Look at real shit affecting us?

Well Ashlee Simpson got engaged so fuck that mess.

Please feed me bullshit and irrelevance media!!!

I need it so!!!

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