Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ludacris - Stay Together

Damn Luda.

This is why he is the most underrated mainstream MC out right now and has been for years.

He has dropped nothing but classic albums and still gets no respect as a lyricist.

People wanna put him in the Shake Your Moneymaker type of rhymer category.

Stupid people and their stupid labels.

Learn to Respect the Rhyme.

Oh well says Mr. Bridges.

I will continue to make the music that represents hip-hop to the fullest.

Cuz it is about making dope original music in case some of you folks have forgotten lately.

We don't believe you.

You need better concepts.

Or better ghostwriters.

Shout out LowKeezy whom I grabbed the link from.


Ludacris - Stay Together

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1 comment:

hiphopfanatik said...

REAL TALK ! got tha album "word of mouth" even it's mainstream Luda got some good lyrcis better than the average in this field of music - it deserves more recognition

One / keep up the good work