Friday, April 11, 2008

You Ain't Already Know? Corey Gunz

Corey Gunz is someone you should already know.

Most cats know him now because of the recent verse, or should we say Renegading he did on Lil Wayne's A Millie.

Here is an older tracker with Corey Gunz featuring Lil Wayne for the Wayne lover in you all.

Corey Gunz feat Lil Wayne - I Gotcha (Produced by Just Blaze)

His pops Peter Gunz had the semi hit Deja Vu with Lord Tariq, who coincidently most recently seen dissing Fat Joe in Brooklyn.

Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq - Deva Vu (Uptown Baby)

Anywho Gunz kid Corey is what you call a spitter fa reals.

He has been signed to Def Jam for a minute under Tommy Motolla's Casablanca Records but hasn't dropped yet.

Well for those of you who ain't already know...

Enjoy the vids of young Corey Gunz.

And get familiar.

Hip-hop will never die.

Corey Gunz & Hash in the Hood

Corey Gunz Smack DVD Freestyle

Corey Gunz Live From 174th (Miss

Corey Gunz - Get Em Girls (Freestyle)

Corey Gunz - For The Spittas

Corey Gunz Freestyle in Miami

Corey Gunz the Cipher

Corey Gunz Freestyle The Scoop DVD

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