Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rich Boy - Bigger Than The Mayor

Shout out all my folks living in a 3rd world country here in America.

Alabama is poor as fuck folks.

Shit I can name off too many damn places that are living in conditions that would make Anderson Cooper ashamed to have floated on that boat in New Orleans after Katrina.

How we can have people living that that here in America and yet still have the majority of our own society turn a blind eye to the problem is fucking bonkers fa reals.

Like all I ever hear those who are making the choices that affect our lives talk about is gays, guns, and religion.

No one cares about education, health care, and reality.

Tuskegee stand up.

Rich Boy still is a funny looking nigga but shit so the fuck am I.

Well not a funny looking nigga...

A fly looking nigga.

The ladies say I'm a Beast like Kells but that's another story...


Rich Boy - Bigger Than The Mayor

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