Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gucci Mane - Truth (Official Video) Young Jeezy Diss

Mr Ice Crean tat himself decided to bless the rap world with what this industry that is full of fakes and liars needs more of.

Gucci Mane spoke the truth.

And the truth hurts.

This is not a diss song.

Damn Jeezy.

Blood Raw said you are fake and split broke with nothing.

None of your niggaz have any money or have been put on in the game.

Gucci put OJ and Waka both on and everyone in his crew from the DJ on up is SO ICY for real.

Freddie Gibbs gave you credibility and is using you because you are a lame.

You are not a Crip.

You are not even affiliated.

You turned your back on Meech.

And I guess you snitched too.

Gucci Mane for President 2012.


As a bonus more people who feel Jeezy is a liar.

Blue Davinci feat Big Meech - Got Right

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