Wednesday, August 5, 2009

West Coast Wednesday: Nipsey Hussle - Bullets Ain't Got No Name Vol.1 - Vol.3

Well its Wednesday and that means its time to throw up your dubs for the West.

I actually stumbled onto Nipsey Hussle last year in one of my online for a brief moment moments, and saw that someone was running a blog for him with the proper title of Bullets Aint Got No Name @ blogspot. Go figure.

I think I Googled the album title and voila, the blog.

Thank you Google in your infinite searching wisdom for providing RELEVANT searches.

Fuck bing, bang, Yahoo, As(k)s, or any other search engine that has to advertise to get people to use it.

Word of mouth is a motherfucker folks.

Take Nipsey for instance.

Word of mouth helped his Bullets series to spread like gunfire in a crowd quickly across America.

Well word of net/mouth or whatever you wanna call it he spread like Swine Flu in less than a year and a half.

Way to hustle Mr. Hussle.

On a sidenote Mr Pilly Wonk had a great piece he wrote on Mr. Hussle you can read here.

Gangbanging is in again!!! All the 40 - 50 year white old music executives are jumping for joy now that the scary black man image can make them an assload of money again. Well I guess it always can make them a assload of money if they market it right so scratch that last statement.

I am torn because on one hand the music needs to be made but on the other hand the West Coast has more musical representatives than those repping drive-bys and khakis.

Violence sells so much better ya know.

So here is another cat who rhymes from the West and bangs hard.

Jay Rock is a Blood from Watts who I have bumped for about 2 years maybe more and he goes in.

Peep his slangtactics.

Jay Rock - Blood Walk 08

Did Mack 10 jump Baby and Wayne into the set or what?

Is that what his Cash Money stay was about?

Or maybe them niggaz got inducted like a female would...

10 dicks, one hole, now that's a tight squeeze.


No Vaseline looking ass niggaz.

I said it before and I'll say it again.

Baby molested Lil Wayne as a child and Chris Hansen needs to intervene and help catch a predator!

Anyways here is the latest from Nipsey Hussle and his Bullets Aint Got No Name series volume 3. As well as Vol.1 and Vol.2 because I love you all.

Not really but enjoy the music.

And I woulda uploaded em myself but this damn Macbook and the damn wifi connection are taking waaaay to long for me to be patient with the uploading process.

So sit down, relax, and take off your shoes.

Party on down to the Nipsey Hussle groove and kick it.

Just kick it.


Nipsey Hussle - Bullets Ain't Got No Name Vol.1
courtesy of Dubcnn who makes it easy as shit to download for the slower crowds.

Nipsey Hussle - Bullets Ain't Got No Name Vol.2
Thank the Drug King

Nipsey Hussle - Bullets Ain't Got No Name Vol.3

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3rd Coast Tuesday: Rich Boy - Kool-Aid Kush & Convertibles

3rd Coast is Texas but lets face it people.

3rd Coast sounds cool to say.

So for this part of our weekly musical selections we will take a trip down south and 3rd coast will be our guide.

I mean Texas touches alot of states and everyone from Texas thinks they are better than the rest of America so it fits right?

Rich Boy still putting out quality music.

And yes it is true he does rap about crack alot like a little Rich Boy boy fan said to him once which you can read about here.

But dammit Zaytoven and whomever else is providing his slaps sure do him right.

Well we can't forget Polow who is nearing almost an outrageous number at 3% of the 18 - 21 year old white women in America who have a picture of his dick on they wall.

Holla at a Playa when you see him on the street.

Alabama stand the fuck up!!

Bigger than the Mayor slaps and if you ain't got it, here you go.

Rich Boy - Bigger than the Mayor

He also dropped Bigger Than the Mayor Pt.2 which I found when I didn't feel like uploading my Bigger than they Mayor and got lazy and stole 2dope links from 2dopeboyz.

Here it is.

Rich Boy - Bigger Than the Mayor Pt.2 from some guy...

He has a new mixtape out and I mean who doesn't love Kool-Aid Kush and Convertibles?

Besides Gingers?

And they don't like it because they don't have souls!!

Well enjoy the latest from Rich Boy and remember...

Gingers are people too.

They just don't have souls.


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Monday, August 3, 2009

Midwest Mondays: Eminem - The Warning

Well lets start some weekly trends for dat ass!!!

It begins with Midwest Mondays where I will drop some ill music from a person or group from the Midwest region.

As you may or have not know Eminem has fallen the fuck off in the eyes of many at least on the MC tip. Not to say he is ass or anything like that but here is a fitting pic.

I guess being a huge pop star isn't really falling off but dammit I miss the Slim Shady style he used to kick.

A personal fav of mine off the Next Friday soundtrack.

Eminem - Murder She Wrote

(They have another version over a different beat but this one slaps more)

Here's another few older Em tracks with Royce da 5'9.

Eminem & Royce da 5'9 - Scary Movies

(Why they said this was an unreleased track on youtube whothefuckknows!! It was on the Scary Movie soundtrack for those of us who stayed long enough to watch that guy suck himself off with the vacuum and heard it...Or who bought the movie!!)

Eminem & Royce da 5'9 - Renegades

It's always crazy for me to hear that track because Proof was a favorite MC of mine when I heard an old freestyle with him and Em on Tim Westwood and he just goes off, and on this track Royce says, "I call my nigga Proof, hand him a pint of Limon, and turn him LOOSE!"

A quick rundown for those not familiar Proof called himself Dirty Harry when he drank because well put 2 and 2 together smart guy! Sadly Proof was killed senselessly in an argument which more than likely was alcohol fueled in which another person also lost their life. We all got that one homie who you can get some shots into and he will fight Sparta if you ask him and Proof sounded like that homie. RIP DeShaun Holton

Bad Meets Evil woulda been some ill shit for real because they complemented each other great but alas the world may never know...

Word to the Outsidaz and Young Zee in particular for helping him go from the Infinite Em to Slim Shady that white America loved/hated so much....

Anyways I honestly stopped coppin Em albums after Encore because the weird gay talk was just not my ish. He was always behind a butt wondering if it makes him homo and it confused the fuck outta me. Not my cup of tea.

But with him calling Nick Cannon (who we all can agree is HILARIOUS word to Dave Chappelle) and Mariah Carey completely out off their names, I can say Mr. Mathers you have caught my attention again. I guess the king just enjoys vulgarity from his pop stars.

Well only because he sparked my interest again with his extreme disrespect towards another man's wife, here is The Warning.


Eminem - The Warning (Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon diss)

RIP Titus "Baatin" Glover of Slum Village

Slum Village (Baatin) - Pregnant

Baatin and Dilla are teaching Jimi Hendrix all about hip-hop in heaven as you read this.....

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