Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3rd Coast Tuesday: Rich Boy - Kool-Aid Kush & Convertibles

3rd Coast is Texas but lets face it people.

3rd Coast sounds cool to say.

So for this part of our weekly musical selections we will take a trip down south and 3rd coast will be our guide.

I mean Texas touches alot of states and everyone from Texas thinks they are better than the rest of America so it fits right?

Rich Boy still putting out quality music.

And yes it is true he does rap about crack alot like a little Rich Boy boy fan said to him once which you can read about here.

But dammit Zaytoven and whomever else is providing his slaps sure do him right.

Well we can't forget Polow who is nearing almost an outrageous number at 3% of the 18 - 21 year old white women in America who have a picture of his dick on they wall.

Holla at a Playa when you see him on the street.

Alabama stand the fuck up!!

Bigger than the Mayor slaps and if you ain't got it, here you go.

Rich Boy - Bigger than the Mayor

He also dropped Bigger Than the Mayor Pt.2 which I found when I didn't feel like uploading my Bigger than they Mayor and got lazy and stole 2dope links from 2dopeboyz.

Here it is.

Rich Boy - Bigger Than the Mayor Pt.2 from some guy...

He has a new mixtape out and I mean who doesn't love Kool-Aid Kush and Convertibles?

Besides Gingers?

And they don't like it because they don't have souls!!

Well enjoy the latest from Rich Boy and remember...

Gingers are people too.

They just don't have souls.


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