Monday, June 1, 2009

I Am Not Dead Yet

At least the pants are getting a lil more manly and Jim Jones flopped big donkey balls.


Yo str8 up music sucked for a few but uhhh where is that new Jacka?

Crime Pays was hot.

Buy it supporting I am guessing DipSet for life.

Wiz Khalifa still flyier than Currency in my eyes but I haven't heard the mixtape yet to judge so I will see.

My damn cbox broke but I am kushed out my mind so uhh it really don't bother me too much at this moment.

Ummm more to come later.

See what Obama did folks.

Gas is high once again and I am not amused.

I will be back with some more music I just don't feel like stealing links.


Cool Kids Gone Fishin was hot though....

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