Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dem Franchise Boyz - Mr. Feel Good (Produced by Mannie Fresh)

OK real talk is it cool that Mannie Fresh is apparently using the same damn tempo for all his songs post 400 Degreez production, the same drum patterns damn near, and not even altering the damn melodies that fucking much?

I used to really like Mannie but to keep it funky folks, I heard this song and was struck hard with beat Deja Vu.

I coulda sworn I heard this before...


But this song is new isn't it?

Sad thing is people will be shucking and jiving to this bullshit soon enough.

I have nothing against quality club music it's just the so blatant lack of caring? or creativity? that really ticks me off honestly.

I will never ever subject my citizens to this bullshit again.

Shout out YK for blessing the world with this nonsense.

Dem Franchise Boyz - Mr. Feel Good

Here is some King Jafee which is guaranteed to give you an eargasm in 49 of the 50 states and all provinces.

King Jafee - Ole Lookin Ass Nigga

King Jafee - Turned Out Your Girl

Now get some Reh Dogg in your system to clear out the sinuses.

If he had a dollar for all his views he would be a YouTube millionaire.

And still more creative than Mannie Fresh apparently.

Chocolate Reeeeeign.

What happened to "I want to do rock producing and shit Mannie?"

The "I am versatile Mannie?"

Did Timbaland bulk up and scare you away from that pop money?

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