Monday, March 31, 2008

DJ Envy Interviews Young Berg

Well Splash sent this to me along damn time ago but honestly I didn't watch it because well...

It's Young Berg.

Nothin against homie..

I actually have peeped some of his stuff and some is semi hot so shout out a youngin on the grind.

DJ Envy Interviews Young Berg

I mostly cared about this video after watching it because I have family in Columbus and real talk...


It's not that he might not have been a nice guy at one point.

Maybe he was once a normal wooden boy with dreams of being real.

Jermaine Dupri as Jiminy Cricket so you can get the proper visual.

It's just that since as you have grown you have turned into some kind of self absorbed I Am Very Mad That REAL Musicians Don't Respect Me But I Got Money From a Few Kiddie Pop Albums Doing Aight In The Past kinda artist.

So please stop taking your shirt off on stage with your "friend" Omarion.

The only word for your look is Hungry yo.

And not like a hippo.

That coupled with your arm waving tendencies give off the wrong message of blatant homosexuality.

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We don't believe you you shoulda stayed faithful to Ciara.

Or not have College Hill females calling you gay.

Not the best look.

Maybe you should defend Omarion some more...

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