Monday, March 3, 2008

What Me Worry?

This is the face Fat Joe sees in his nightmares.

That and Big Pun kids.

Then he makes it rain on them kids (in his dreams) and all is well in Joe world.
Should he change his name to Obese Joe now since he stopped being fat when he got so rotund?

I have been looking for an excuse to profess my love of Asian women, and what better way to casually bring it up then with one of the sexiest ones around, Miss Info!!

Miss Info has shed some more light into the whole Papoose vs Fat Joe fight, by getting other sides to the story that claim Obese Joe really wasn't battered like fish and only had a few scratches on his hands after the altercation.

But there is one thing that is very clear….the motive. According to witnesses, when Fat Joe confronted Papoose, he said he had a problem with Papoose being on a recent radio show with 50 Cent, where 50 was laughing and making fun of him and his family.

Read the rest of the story here.

And if you want to hear what made Obese Joe so angry you can listen to the Power 105 interview courtesy of Eskay.

Part 1 Here.
Part 2 Here.

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