Monday, March 3, 2008

Papoose is a Dynk Ryder

Those who already know that DJ KaySlay slapped the taste out of one of your favorite DJs. should be proud to know that Papoose indeed did 3 piece dark Obese Joe.

For those who don't know a 3 piece dark is 3 punches towards the cranium which cause the person being pummeled to cover up their face, therefore seeing darkness.

Hence the name 3 piece dark.

Even though Big Von apparently killed hyphy, Papoose likes the man enough to give him a call and chat about the whole Obese Joe incident.

Listen to it here.

Well the good thing is that Obese Joe might have actually made a decent album this go around, even though he seems to run with police like 50 too.

So go buy that shit.

Buy 5.

The bad thing is that 50 Cent said to himself, "What better day to release a free mixtape to the internet than the day Obese Joe wants the masses to flock to the stores and buy his album..."

It's called The Elephant in the Sand.

Where is Kia Shine when you need him?

All I can say is WOW.

50 just seems to be in the 50 zone which I can definitely respect.

AKA Marketing 101 people.

Real talk.

If Joe would only listen to the disses Curtis is making, he is giving you the game Fat Man.

I guess he really rolls with Jake.

Word to Papoose.

Dunk Ryder.

Fuck tha Other Side.

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