Monday, March 3, 2008

Mickey Factz - Heaven's Fallout

Well since Eskay decided to call him a hipster rapper, Mickey Factz has struck back and attacked him brutally with words in this vicious assault featured on a exclusive freestyle courtesy of Fake Shore Drive with Naledge.

Kidz in The Hall you suckas.

Mickey Factz vs Naledge




Not really but many of you will not read below the beef...

(insert Goofy chuckle here)

So for those of you that did here is the Mickey Factz album Heaven's Fallout.

Dope indeed.

Youngin On His Grind.


Mickey Factz - Heaven's Fallout

On a lighter note...

Congrats Fake Shore Drive for joining the blog roll and not providing the King with anything.

The King would have had you disposed of like all the rest if you didn't have such good links.

I forgot about Mick Boogie's blog.

What happened to Akbar?

Where are my concubines?

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