Monday, March 17, 2008

Over the Weekend Things Happened

To sum up the weekend for my Citizens.

Game dropped a track that was decent.

Peep it here.

I suppose since I am a West Coaster I should have posted it but honestly it was nothing special.

I can't hate another black man who is getting money and when he wants to be is a very dope rhymesayer, but I am going to point out the fact that he waved his gun at someone after a basketball game dispute.

This isn't Fresh Jayceon.

Anyways to get the taste of cliche out of my mouth and yours...

Here are a few classic West Coast albums.

Lil 1/2 Dead and DJ Yella.

1/2 Dead is Nate Dogg's cousin and made a pretty dope album with his first release.

Then he got arrested a few times and dropped albums the Messy Marv way.

Sidenote: It was rumored 1/2 Dead was doing porno at one point.

DJ Yella was down with Eazy-E and after he died he really was the only one who was doing him right in my eyes by at least putting out a super slept on dope album.

Word to MC Ren.

Sidenote: I guess Yella did porno too but I mean who hasn't done porno yaddadmean?


1. Had to Be a Hustler
2. 12 Pacofdoja
3. Stz'll Got It
4. Play 'Em or Spray 'Em
5. Still on a Mission
6. Dead Man Can't Rap
7. Hustler's Interlude
8. That Dope Nigga 1/2 Dead
9. East Side, West Side
10. Now They Come Around
11. That's What You Get
12. I Don't Stop
13. You Know Me
14. Dedicated

Lil 1/2 Dead - The Dead Has Arisen

1. Doses of Reality
2. West Side Story
3. Interlude
4. Streets Won't Let Me Go
5. Interlude
6. Neva Had a Chance
7. Interlude
8. 4 the E
9. Interlude
10. Send 4 Me
11. Interlude
12. Dat's How I'm Livin
13. Interlude
14. Ain't No Luv
15. Interlude
16. 2Two Face
17. Interlude
18. So in Luv
19. Interlude
20. Not Long Ago

Yella - One Mo Nigga Ta Go

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