Monday, March 10, 2008

Go Paint a Studio Cassidy Because Prodigy Said So

Honestly with all the Illuminati talk on his blog he made the rap game seem very similar in this video.

Not for everyone.

Very exclusive.

"Select few."

I love how P starts going at folks before he gets locked up.

Ya'll better remember this nigga P is a trendsetter.

Umm I guess he is still salty about getting punched by Saigon.

And his homies getting robbed by Tru Life.

And the numerous other folks who have taken advantage of the midget P over the years.

I feel bad because everytime I see or hear P now, he does a little more to make himself seem more like the WNIC.

Whiniest Nigga In Charge.

The Infamous is my shit but methinks Prodigy talks a bit too much.

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