Wednesday, March 26, 2008

DJ Envy Interviews Zab Judah & "Sugar" Shane Mosley

This fight should be good.

It's always better when they really dislike each other.

Or at least act like they do.

Shout out Splash.

Some great Zab quotes from their press conference before the vid.

"After my fight with Cotto, he went to the hospital, we got the medical records. After the fight with you, Cotto went to a Rican party!"

"I bet you 100,000 you won't knock me out!"

"I promise yall after this fight, he won't fight anymore!. His family gon tell him, 'Daddy, don't do this anymore. Don't do this anymore daddy, just sit on down and relax. Watch me go to school and play football, daddy. Come to my practices. Do not go back in there messing with that man, Daddy! You know he gotta problem, don't even be in there with that man. That man got mean intentions!"

Now a quote from the winner of the bout Shane Mosley.

Yeah I said it.

Mosley in a Round 8 KO on Zab "Glass Jaw" Judah.

"It doesn't matter what he says. I have a mission. I have a goal and my goal is to destroy everything in front of me."


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