Monday, March 24, 2008

Exclusive - Jay-Z Live @ The Fillmore in Miami

Well thanks to some meddling Hispanics who chose Saturday as the day they would try to get free cable I was quite shocked Saturday afternoon when my connection timed out.

The internet was down for the slow people.

Please get our electrician skills up guys for your further schemes.


For those of you who have been living under a rock somewhere, Jay-Z and Mary J Blige kicked off the Heart of the City tour recently in Miami.

Of course DJ Nick Wonder, Master of Miami's 1s and 2s, decided to provide us with a sneak peek at the festivus.

Why did he do this?

Because REAL DJ's do REAL things.

Fuck the security guard if they won't let us in.

If you don't give a damn we don't give a fuck.


Jay-Z Live @ the Fillmore - Miami - Hello

Roc Boys

Show Me What You Got

Dirt Off Shoulder/PSA

Memphis Bleek Set (Miss Dev is Glad)

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