Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Obese Joe vs Geiko Gecko


Well I am officially tired of this shit.

WWE fa reals.

Me thinks I almost went all day without talking about these two.

Obese Joe is crazy.

Why he wanna fight everyone?

This ain't middle school.

Then he starts blabbing about shit that has nothing to do with anything.

It sounds like overall in life, Joe really thinks about 50 Cent too much.

He is like Tony Soprano fa reals.

Big Fat Depressed Gangster.

Learn to market and stop whining about how much of a better businessman 50 is.

Like Miss Jones said...

All that matters is what people think.

And we think rich fat people making threats is quite funny.

To quote Papoose...

"Anybody could get punched in their face. What's the big deal? C'mon man, you not superthug. It could happen to anybody. This dude is a coward."
Read the article via tomorrow...Shout out LowKey!!

To quote MF Grimm...

If retaliation comes, fuck it it just comes"

I'm sure Papoose said some interesting things about how he popped up faces while channeling Ali, but honestly all you folks jammin up Splash's link made it buffer forever.

The King dont wait for no buffer.

Shout Out Splash for e-sharting on us this morning.


Papoose Hot 97 Interview Talking About Fat Joe Incident

Fat Joe Hot 97 Interview Talking About Papoose Incident

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