Monday, March 3, 2008

Lil Boosie Likes Money

Shout out to my family in Ohama, Nebraska.

On our regularly scheduled discussion, Lil Boosie apparently likes money so much, that if you pay him to appear at a show he will become so overwhelmed with joy at recieving the money he will have to cancel his performance to be able to fully digest the depth of what has happened.

I heard he makes around $30,000 a show so I can understand how that kind of money would make him have to take a look in the mirror at himself and say, "Damn if I could dance I could get almost 10 Gs more!"

Maybe that is what he was doing.

Learning some dance moves.

Read the whole story here.

Watch his fellow Savage Webbie argue with Tracye Stafford of IKON Entertainment who is suing them for not showing to a show.


She is a golddigger though word to EPMD.

I can't hate her for her Dr. Evil Dreams though.




Get that money girl!!

If they got enough chippers to make it monsoon, then they can afford a cool mil.

Since we are on Trill Ent...

Here is a song by the King.


King Jafee - B-O-O-T-Y-R-A-P-P-E-R

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