Friday, March 21, 2008

Marques Houston and Chris Stokes are Ass Assasins

Long, long before the whole Raz B incident, I had heard a rumor that Chris Stokes was the bisexual Suge Knight and involved with some person(s) sexually in his TUG camp.

I searched for more credible information on the rumor but honestly hunting down whose gay and whose not really isn't my thing.

Save that for mediatakeout and Perez.

Anyways when I heard Ray J dropped a mixtape with the Drama King KaySlay I assumed the drama involved sex tapes or shit no one really cares about.

We are like a vampires lusting for blood and our thirst is only quenched with the filthiest, bloodiest gossip chunks that we can sink our ravenous fangs into.

If I would have known that Ray J had some personal stuff on folks that was nastier than drinking a cup full of period blood, I might have copped the joint.

Honestly this funny cover threw me off yo.

Anyways, Ray J dropped this track aimed at Chris Stokes and Marques Houston.

It's not the best diss ever a la Papoose but it rings a lil too close to recent comments made by Raz "I Got Punked and Paid Off" B.

Most grown men no matter the what circumstances are, will not make up child molestation cases out of thin air.

Where is that Law & Order: SVU Asian when you need him.

On real shit though, it ain't even about this nigga being gay if he is.

That is his own issue why he has been hiding it for years from his wife and kids.

Cats do it all the time, be having a wife and kids to hide the fact that they like to ride pole, so don't act shocked like, " King how dare you! His wife and kids will be traumatized by this!"

Open your eyes to the fact your man is fruity AKA you Keisha.

This is about a child molester fa reals on some sicko To Catch A Child Star shit.

For me as someone who has watched Immature break out from a musical act into some of the first re-occurring roles involving hip-hop acts, as well as further down the line to create some annoyingly catchy boy band creations that TUG spawned, I really sit back and look at this like hmmmmm.

Sorta like the R Kelly thing.

I can't help now when I am listening to Kells older music I perceive hidden messages to his abnormal lust for underage girls.

Maybe I don't perceive them.

Maybe they are actually there.

That is the problem now because I don't know.

R Kelly and Chris Stokes are both suspect.

Looking back at the TUG roster I see not one grown-up act.

Thank wiki for this one folks.

Former Acts

Current Acts

Hopefully ya'll haven't edited it out of proportion but if it's wrong please someone help correct it for me.

Maybe he had a few grown folks around.

I do see a lot of underage pre-teen to teenage boys though.

Or as Chris might have called them The Ultimate Group.


Anyone who takes advantage of a child's innocence is a one sick puppy, male or female, and should be stoned to death.

Man I am getting a lot of good ideas watching Law & Order: SVU because that is another gem via them, so I recommend it to all my citizens.

Here is Ray J basically not getting sued but still confirming his remarks of Marques and Chris playing baseball naked with each other.

We do know Mr. Stokes is quick with the cease and desist letters fa reals so who knows how long this will be up for.

I can't even say enjoy because I am really fucking disturbed by the whole thing but I have been saying for the longest the truth will come out eventually.

You be the judge in the coming months.

Rumors on Ricky Romance do seem to make some of the allegations cloudier but honestly I am just dumbfounded on things like this happening to kids yo.

Literally right in front of our eyes.

Say a prayer for anyone who has ever had to experience trauma such as that in their lifetime, or any hardships at all.

Now back to our regularly scheduled bullshit.

EDIT: I was sitting here thinking what happened to O'Ryan, Omarions little brother?

I guess he changed his name to Sonnie Ocean and now does psychedelic R&B?

WTF is that?

Cats don't just sing anymore...

And it sounds like, and you can't make this kinda shit up "music 0n Meds. HEAVY C0KE!"

I dunno about that because I know people who do heavy coke to numb the pain.

I'm just throwing stuff out there...

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