Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beyonce - Beautiful Nightmare

Beyonce is back with a non country song for now.

When I think of Beyonce I think to myself, "Wow that is one fine looking woman. I wonder if the pussy smell like water?"

Word to Plies.

Also I wonder if she enjoys champagne and chronic a la her sister Solange.

I also think that Aretha Franklin is a legend in the game whom I frequently have on my playlist...

But she is 3 times the woman she was in the Blues Brothers.

And I don't mean shit about her vocal ability.

That's a huge bitch.

And for the record Tina Turner IS the Queen of Rock and Roll.

You can be the Queen of Soul or R&B or whatever you want to be, but really honestly the Queen of Obese Overweight Black Women Who Could Use Their Fame To Do More Than Eat and Complain is a much better title nowadays.

Shout out Big Splash Diesel for blessing me with this track rumored to be off her yet untitled 3rd solo release.


Beyonce - Beautiful Nightmare

And since sexy people falling amuses us all...

Watch Beyonce practice her tumbling skills in Orlando.

Florida is the place to be.

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