Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Karina Pasian - 16 @ War

Well since I was planning a post about the writer of this track The Dream later, I thought why not post this lil gem courtesy of LowKey.

Karina Pasina is one of Def Jam's more promising signees in the Joe Camel Era.

Take a look for yourself and listen.

I mean the girl has got some obvious vocal talent. And at 16 her star has only begun to rise.

Here is a really good interview with her here you can read too.

Well now thanks to The Dream she has probably the realest song that I have heard in a long time.

I think that it is good a song like this gets out to get airplay and hopefully it reaches at least a few ears that truly listen and maybe even take look at the person looking back in the mirror.

Maybe even make some parents look at themselves too. Change and growth helps.

Shout out LowKey for this moral booster.

Karina Pasian - 16 At War (Produced by The Dream's Partner in Crime Tricky Stewart)

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