Wednesday, February 20, 2008

R&B Fo Dat Ass....and Nasty Janet is Back....Maybe?

Well since Low recently made me regret saying that JD officially is the smallest luckiest man on earth (besides the lucky charm guy obviously) who for some reason can't make one of the sexiest ladies in the world sell properly because the 1st new tracks I heard off her newest album were aight at best.

Then he went and e-shitted on us all again with her latest tracks.

So here are some exclusives off Discipline shout out to LowKey

Janet Jackson - Discipline

Janet Jackson - What's Your Name

Janet Jackson - This Can't Be Good

Janet Jackson - Curtains

Janet Jackson - Never Letchu Go

And since I'm on the R&B tip, here are a few more gems courtesy of Marc Jaycobs.

Again they are courtesy of DJ Marc Jaycob. Again. DJ MARC JAYCOB.

New Usher - Movin Mountains (produced by Tricky Stewart) Good lookin Low!!!

New Usher - I Can't Win (written by The Dream)

One Chance - U Can't (weren't they signed to Usher?)


editors note:
Is it me or are have Akon and the Dream been flooding the airwaves with their music for the past 2 and a half years?

I mean they have so much out and many folks don't even know the money is coming back to them...em, em,. It's coming back to them, em, em, em.

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