Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens

Blu is the guy without a hat.

Can you figure out who Exile is?

Just checking to make sure you ducks are alive in whatever corner of the world your bloodshot eyes are reading this from.

So with this post am I behind the curve?

Maybe I should slap ya'll with some baby powder...

Grab my Johnson & Johnson assistant pimp...

Blu has a lot droppin this year so I will powder your faces yet...

Here are a few bonus joints for that ass.

C.R.A.C. (Blu and Ta'Raach) - Buy Me Lunch

C.R.A.C. (Blu and Ta'Raach) - Love Don't


  1. My World Is...
  2. The Narrow Path
  3. Simply Amazin’ (steel blazin’)
  4. Juice n’ Dranks
  5. In Remembrance
  6. Blu Collar Worker
  7. Dancing In The Rain
  8. First Things First
  9. Greater Love
  10. Good Life
  11. Soul Rising
  12. Cold Hearted
  13. Below The Heavens pt. I
  14. Below The Heavens pt. II
  15. I Am...
  16. Untitled Bonus Track
  17. Untitled Bonus Track
Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens

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1 comment:

Av said...

Real Hip Hop. We've been waiting for this for a long long time.