Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thank Viacom for Helping

After watching Malcolm and Eddie on Begro Educational Training I realized I do enjoy the channel now sometimes a lot more than I used to for programming like this.

Thank the whites for hiring some blacks who knew some good black television because good ole Bob acted like we didn't even make shows in the 90's or really I guess ever in television history worth paying for in his opinion.

I dunno.

It's my opinion.

Other times I miss good ole ghetto BET with the original smiley face Tiggah and happy go lucky Streetz.

And you older heads remember Joe Clair and that other fine broad.

I forget her name but the King would like to summon her because he knows she still is banging.

And all the rest.

Where is Uncle Ralph?

Anyways follow the trail of pictures.

Viacom throws money to....

Bob Johnson who....

Buys the Charlotte Hornets and...

Hell Date is born...

Capitalism at it's finest.

I can't look away.

Look at her.

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