Friday, February 29, 2008

Max B - Umma Do Me (Jim Jones Diss)

Max B AKA Silver Surfer

I have yet to hear anything from Max B that is spectacular and makes me want to care about him but honestly I thought this pic looked cool so why not give the man some shine since he seems to want it.

By the looks of this video he is very mad at KaySlay (who will slap the shit outta your favorite DJ so what kinda chance does Max have) now I guess?

I dunno about this whole brew haa haa because honestly I don't really care about Marvel comic characters unless I am reading a Marvel comic, but rap beef is always amusing these days.

WWE Style.

And here is Max B complaining about DipSet and Jim Jones in particular.


And here is the new diss that Max just released towards his former dirty friend Jim Jones.

Jim is SOO dirty that even in digital pics he has a filthy grime that covers his face like shadows.

Shout out Preach.

Max B - Umma Do Me (Jim Jones Diss)

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