Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bohagon - We Bout To Go Live

Well I have always enjoyed Bohagon's country drawl.

And he is pretty lyrically entertaining as well.

Here is a banger of his called Bucket that came out last April.

And here is a video of Bohagon's with Fabo (of D4L), Diamond (who left Crime Mob), and Princess (who is still in Crime Mob).

Bohagon feat, Fabo, Diamond, and Princess - Wuz Happening, Wuz Up

And I really don't feel like writing too much because I have a Masta Ace post that I am working on for tomorrow. Maybe.

So here is the new Bohagon mixtape We Bout To Go Live.


1. Intro
2. Get Money (Remix)
3. 2 Steppin'
4. There She Go (Prod. by Nitti)
5. Nite Life (Remix) Prod. by Homebwoi
6. Chevy Sit High (Remix) Prod. by Lil Jon
7. Pop Bottles (Remix)
8. Blam, Blam, Blam (Prod. by Hall of Tunez)
9. Crap 1st Roll feat. Katt Williams
10. They Know (Remix)
11. Kush Get Smoked feat. Shawty Put (Prod. by Lil Jon)
12. Get This Money (Prod. by Lil Jon)
13. Cadillac Doors - S.W.A.P. Team feat. Homebwoi (Prod. by Homebwoi)
14. Watch My Shoe (Remix)
15. Turnin' Heads (Remix) feat. Homebwoi
16. Pinky Ring
17. I Know (Prod. by Billy Hume)
18. Imogene Williams
19. Outro

20. Click 2 Da Rear - Bohagon feat. Big Duke & Macboney
21. In The Bedroom - Bohagon feat. Jagged Edge


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