Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Buckshot & Pete Rock - On Da Spot Freestyle

Shout out Eskay for the great title. It's too late to think.

I know a certain postal worker in Connecticut who sheds a tear of joy every time Duck Down drops, and patiently waits for OGC to bounce back like crack.

Oh well, I wish I had a happy DJ so I could spit off the dome and we could have fun in true school hip-hop fashion.

Good ole cyphers...

Yes for those young folks like the thing that has been on BET Hip Hop Awards Show...

Pete Rock must be happy again to feel like rhyming.

Go Chocolate Boy Wonder.

Shout out to the cats Eskay got it from.

Follow the links there. I am too tired to post pics let alone links to those. Next time.


Buckshot & Pete Rock - On Da Spot Freestyle

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