Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bomb Hip Hop Compilation

For those of you who know, Bomb Hip Hop was a company out of the Bay area that specialized in all four elements of the hip hop culture. DJs, graffiti, MCs, and breakers were all represented in the initially black and white publication that later grew into a record label.

People like DJ Shadow, Kutmaster Kurt, Spence "Dookie" Abbot and many others got there start penning fresh articles in the blossoming publication.

In 1992 Bomb released 2 flexidiscs from a then unknown DJ by the name of Dan the Automator (Deltron 3030 or Gorillaz anyone?) that featured some more unknown artists like MadChild of later Swollen Members fame, Blackalicious a group containing founding members of soon to be respectably dope indie label Quannum Projects, later Living Legends crew members the Mystik Journeymen, the DJ prodigy Q-Bert, the founder of powerhouse label in the making Stones Throw Records Peanut Butter Wolf, and many many more talented Bay area artists.

They are credited in Spin Magazine with releasing the compilation Return of the DJ series, named one of the top albums of the 90s. In 1994 they released this compilation that was called Bomb Hip Hop Compilation and appropriately so. Because that is what it was indeed. Bomb Hip Hop.


  1. Style Wars Excerpt - Intro
  2. Jigmastas - Execution
  3. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf - Just Like A Test
  4. Mental Prizm - Strawberry
  5. Eyedle Mode - End Of The Innocence
  6. Dereliks - No G'nus
  7. The Nugs - Pump
  8. Blackalicious - Lyric Fathom
  9. Homeliss Derelix - Fuck You
  10. Mystik Journeymen - Swing
  11. Madchild Feat. Dj Q-Bert - Pregnant
  12. Bored Stiff - Therapy
  13. Total Devastation - Part Time Assassin
  14. The Product Pushers - The Rap Race

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