Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday with Masta Ace

To start things off I felt that I had to post because well honestly it looks bad for a King not to keep his people supplied with things on his royal mind.

Today I was watching one of the most entertaining movies ever made Big Trouble in Little China. This is a film directed by John Carpenter and is not to be looked at like some of his other more serious/bloody/horror features like Halloween or The Thing.

This is pure Kurt Russell and John Carpenter comic action genius a la Escape From New York and I have to say this is the type of movie that should make anyone Lose Themselves for a few hours once they look at it for what it is.

Pure Entertainment.

Oh No! Watch out for the soul sucking Chinese Man!

I and if you are saying to yourself, "Why did he put links to What is up with that King? Are you a corporate pawn or something?"

Me personally I hate the corporations unless they are paying me which in this case they are not so boo hoo me I guess....

unless any of them do...

Which they don't sadly...

But I'm a King. I will move on quickly.

Links to purchase pages simply means that this is something that needs to be added to your collection of viewables or listenables.

The King will not steer you wrong.

Anyways I have been meaning to write up why Masta Ace is one of the most slept on MCs who doesn't get the props he deserves.


So because of the fact that Big Trouble is very long indeed and I must get back, here are a few videos that show the type of catalog that Ace has for those of you that don't know.

Yes he was an originator of this rap ish.

Marley Marl feat Craig G, Kool G Rap, Masta Ace, and Big Daddy Kane - The Symphony

Masta Ace feat Biz Markie - Me and the Biz

My personal favorite period of Masta Ace-ism is when he had his crew Masta Ace Incorporated.

Masta Ace Incorporated or I.N.C. as they called themselves consisted of Eyceurokk, (a 3 member group including a little known DJ named U-Neek who would later win a Grammy producing Bone Thugs-n-Harmony The Crossroads) his cousin from LA Lord Digga, Paula Perry a fellow Brooklynite femcee, and a R&B singer named Leschea.

The main reason I enjoyed this period was because of the production laid by U-Neek, Lord Digga and Norm Bates otherwise known as the Bluez Brothers, and Ase One AKA Masta Ace is so damn funky.

And the concept of taking MCs to the SlaughterHouse I can relate to totally.

I use my dungeon for the same purpose.

Murder Murder Murder. Kill Kill Kill.

Anyways the bass lines are all iller than syphilis and if you got bang in your trunk you will enjoy them but I can literally ramble on and on about how much I enjoy these tracks so take a listen for yourself.

Masta Ace Incorporated - SlaughterHouse

Masta Ace Incorporated - Jeep Ass Niggaz

Masta Ace Incorporated - Born to Roll

These next videos are from his third release Sittin On Chrome.

Masta Ace Incorporated - The I.N.C. Ride

Masta Ace Incorporated - Terror

The only other video that needs to be watched is the one for Sittin on Chrome which for some reason the guy who does have that gem has the embedding disabled.


Click the links and watch it.

During his I.N.C. days Ace jumped in a group with Buckshot and Special Ed called Crooklyn Dodgers. Peep their classic track.

Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn Dodgers (Produced by Q-Tip)

After Sittin on Chrome, Ace split with I.N.C. and was quiet for awhile releasing several singles to the underground on various labels.

Then for some reason Boogie Man decided that Ace was biting his song.

Yeah I said the same thing.

The closet monster?

He raps now too?

Well here is some shine for Boogie.

Since I have heard not a peep from him since this.

The infamous battle where Boogie spits some written shit and kills Ace I can admit. Ace shoulda smashed him with written too but oh well. Boogie isn't on Ace's level so I am with Ace. Why should I even care? You will be gone in oh wait he already is. Until now. You should be paying me for promotion Closet Monster.

Boogie Man vs Masta Ace At The Lyricist Lounge

And here is the diss Ace released at High and Mighty for ??? and Boogie Man before that battle above.

Masta Ace - Acknowledge

I love Ace because his albums have all been great concept albums and Disposable Arts was no difference. Here are a few tracks from it.

Masta Ace feat Strick - Unfriendly Game

Masta Ace - Alphabet Soup

Masta Ace feat King Tee and J-Ro - P.T.A.

And a few off A Long Hot Summer.

Masta Ace feat Big Noyd - Do It Man

Masta Ace - Brooklyn Masala

Masta Ace - Beautiful

After releasing A Long Hot Summer, Ace said he was frustrated with the lack of originality and lyrical skill needed to succeed in today's over saturated B-O-O-T-Y-R-A-P-P-E-R market so he would not be doing any more solo albums when the average listener would rather Pop, Lock, and Drop It.

Good for us he popped up with his protege Stricklin, and long time collaborators Punchline and Wordsworth in the group eMC. They have an album dropping March 28 called The Show.

Buy that shit.

Support the artist who need it.

And I don't know what this is called but it is eMC feat Heltah Skeltah and it's live.

Now back to the movie.

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