Thursday, February 28, 2008

50 Cent is for the Kids

Of all those who 50 Cent dares to cross him...

Which of those on his apparent career ending hitlist looks like a bigger clown on camera when speaking on 50?

Mr. Thug Love Himself Ja Rule?

Fat "Big Pun Family is Broke Because of Me Looking Ass" Joe? EDIT Since Joe apparently doesn't want to back his statements up and the video has been removed...he said he will bust 50 in the mouth and knock out his new teeth...RIIIIIIIGHT.

or the Martian Himself Weezy F-ing Baby?

On another note....

On a list of 14 African American newsmakers tested in a recent Pew survey of racial attitudes gangsta rapper 50 Cent earned the distinction of being the only newsmaker tested who is identified by a plurality of blacks (42%) as a "bad influence;" unlike his fellow rapper Kanye West, whose more mainstream rap style broadens his appeal...

Read article here.

Download pdf here.

Shout out Eskay for edumacatin me.

If your in to that sort of thing.

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