Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Jacka IS the Dopest.....

Dumb Slap
Adjective -
To hit with bass and lyrical passion as to use an open palm to move towards a nearby face and repeatedly mollywop.

Well let's just say big up Dookie, The Bay is In The Area, Fobb Deep, Nation of Thizzlam, and many more for reppin the Bay area hard.

The Bay area is mostly known for Too Short, 5 on It, and Ghostriding the Whip currently, but thankfully there is much more than that.

The Jacka is a guy who has been on his independant hustle since wayback when good ole recently freed and soon to be incaracated again C-Bo got him and five of his childhood friends together to form a rap group called the Mob Figaz.

It was him, Husalah (FREE HUSALAH), AP-9, Rydah J Klyde, and Fed-X when they first started and the album they put together was not classic by any means.

But it was real.

They was young nigs on the grind doing the things many "hardcore rappers" will claim to have done, when we all know the truth. T-Wayne....

Better yet all of them have gone on to release dope solo albums.

I mean they all can spit and grew as artists from that initial release so its a great listen on any of their EPs. And damn they was living they rhymes too....

AP-9 was sporting bullet proof vests like 50 in the Hey Girl video and had caught some slugs already...

Fed-X had caught some lead too...

Husalah got bagged with 20 bricks and never told on nobody...

Anyways every release I have heard from the Jacka is nothing but dumb slap fa reals because he gets better and better as a true MC should.

The Jack Artist is a classic album IMO and I will be upping it sometime soon.


Because the Jacka got signed to Universal so hopefully he gets a lil buzz going so he can rape the major for a bit.

Here is a vid of him performing his latest single off his upcoming Universal release Tear Gas.

And here is a song off his 2nd album The Jack Artist called Hey Girl.

Studio gangstas are always entertaining for a few minutes on TV but when I am driving around town with bang in my trunk I need some real G-Shit.

Even if I'm the only one who knows it says alot for the ones who do as well.

So here are a few tracks he did off a mixtape he did with the Demolition Men, (two DJs in the Bay area killin it with the quality of their tapes) called suprise!! The Jacka is the Dopest.

Jacka - Thrones and Crowns
Jacka - Got Paper
Jacka - Punch Triggers feat Lil Dee

And if you really like it here is the whole mixtape.


Demolition Men Bay Area Mixtape Kingz Present: The Jacka is the Dopest

Bonus Video


Husalah - Murder on My Mind

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