Friday, February 22, 2008

NYOIL verses 9th Wonder - 9 Wonders (Mixtape)

Shake you felt the need to make your own quake online I see.

Well NYOil is a lyricist out of New York who really made a splash last year with his song Ya'll Should All Get Lynched.

The video was actually banned from YouTube but is back now minus the shocking imagery.

So you can hear it at least.

NYOil - Ya'll Should All Get Lynched

He had an album called Hood Treason (BUY IT HERE TO SUPPORT THE ARTIST) that actually featured production from a crate digging homie of mine DJ Speek Greene (Shout out Speek!) and was released last year to some acclaim in the underground.

Now he is back with a new mixtape called NYOil versus 9th Wonder - 9 Wonders. He is rhyming over 9 tracks of 9th Wonder production. That was alotta 9s.

Here you go for your listening pleasure.

Shout out Shake and NYOil.


  1. Each Morning
  2. More and More
  3. Close Your Eyes
  4. Drop Squad
  5. Cap’n Save A Hoe!
  6. Luv f-Big Nay
  7. CONspiracy Theory
  8. The Investor
  9. Seems Like

Since I love me some 9th Wonder beats just like the next man, here is a song I did for the Queen in my life using one of 9th's soul filled tracks....

King Jafee - Everything's Right

The vocals might be a lil low but hey it's hip hop.

If you like the track spread it around.

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