Sunday, February 24, 2008

Smoking on.....Hay....with J.Holidaaaay...

He looks high here don't he?

New crooner J.Holiday was arrested late Friday night apparently while driving fast and smoking weed.

This leads me to believe that this is one of the tracks off his album he did write since single number one Bed and number two Suffocate are courtesy of The Dream.

Good for you J.Holiday!!

At least you is singing what you writing I guess.

Sad he is realer than a lot of these rappers now a days...

Oh well..

Here is the self penned probation by J.Holiday...

J.Holiday - Laa Laa

and here are his two smash hits written by The Dream...

J.Holiday - Bed

J.Holiday - Suffocate

and since The Dream is making more money on the back end, he only needs one video.

Dream - Falsetto

You need more money before you can be driving around smoking like that J.Holiday.

Even Snoop is getting put out to smoke so who the fuck is you?

Not to be rude but real talk.

If Rev Run wanted to light up or drive around blazing he can get away with it.

He is wealthy by begro measures.

Snoop is rich.

We have all seen the difference in Snoop's house and Rev Run's by now thanks to the beauty of reality television.

You can't fuck with Phat Farm money on the reals Snoop.

You look poor and very malnourished.

Rent a bigger house and get Daz some lines written please.

I love me some Daz but he looked so non-threatening sitting there smiling and looking like a deaf mute.

Let him wild out on someone one episode.

He is your cuz fa reals.

Show him some love.

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