Monday, February 18, 2008

Welcome Citizens of Zamunda!!!

Loyal citizens of Zamunda welcome to a glimpse into the mind of a King.

King Jafee to be exact.

I am a student of the thing we call hip-hop and I feel that there is a separation in the culture. Too many people talking about what is real and what isn't, and too many people not knowing shit about the originators of this music. And then being too critical of the music to the point of almost annoying or even wanting to come to blows over Souljah Boy not being whats good in the hood.

Some is made to dance to.
Some is made to think to.
Some is made to ponder.
Some is made to do any number of things to.

The point is that its music. If we act separated as a musical culture, how do we expect any of our so called black leaders to stand behind the music when it's much easier to just throw stones? But don't even get me started on the those guys. I think David Banner said it best.

The list is really too long to just write down all the artists who I listen to and honestly I started than thought WTF am I doin?! I really have better things to blog.

So instead I will bless my citizens with whatever the hell I really feel like posting. Albums of things that maybe you haven't heard of but need to. New ish that is fresh for the streets. Maybe as your King I will also grant requests of wishes for things that bling and rings of that nature. If I get the inclination I will also write observations that I have about on things that could only interest a King. Or his loyal followers.

Shout out LowKey, Eskay, Sickamore, Noz, the team at Dallaspenn, illseed, Ronnie Mexico (the REAL Ronnie Mexico) and any other cats doing it like they wanna do it. RIP YN. And I know there are so many more cats whose blogs I read and I think we all know, if you haven't been mentioned you are in the blogroll. Isn't that where we all want to be anyways? The blog roll?

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