Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hotstylz feat Young Joc - Lookin Ass Nigga

Shout out to illseed for this one here.

Truthfully I think my lil brothers heard about this before me.

Shout out those two!!

Anyways this is proof that people take the music way to serious.

All I hear about Young Joc is how he is killing hip-hop.

Stop whining.

You remind me of my bitch.

True he didn't come up with the concept for this but it still shows the negro isn't dumb by any means and has a sense of humor too. As we already sometimes you just can't argue when people are convinced hip-hop is dead. Lookin ass nigga.

On a funny note I made a song called Ole Lookin Ass Nigga but I had not even heard of this one yet.

Oh well this is my blog so fuck it.

King Jafee - Ole Lookin Ass Nigga

Hotstylz feat Young Joc - Lookin Ass Nigga

And the original that started the craze.

Hotstylz - Lookin Ass Nigga

and for no reason at all...

Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack

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