Thursday, July 3, 2008

Killer Mike & Ice Cube - Pressure (Video)

Yeah I am still around but ain't really got time to get on and yap it up.

As much as I would love to pollute your mind with senseless music with no point like so many others...

Zamunda is gonna undergo some changes.

West Coast music will be here.

Mixtapes, songs, and artists u aint heard of but should have...

TBITA, and the Dookie Monster got it right.

Sorta. lol.

There are so many talented West Coast artists who get no shine unless they Bow Down to Snoop or str8 up rob a nigga to make the papers so they need a place to flourish...

Anyways enough babbling here is the latest Killer Mike featuring Ice Cube.

Like Eskay said...

Ya'll folks are not ready for this video.

Oh well.


Killer Mike & Ice Cube - Pressure (Video)

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