Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yelawolf - Trunk Music

Not much needs to be said besides this is a str8 slapper.

I saw this online awhile back and honestly was like eh.


What the fuck is a Yelawof 1st off.

Then I saw this single with Juelz Mixing Up the Medicine.

Again I said Cam aint fuckin with Juelz only Chris Brown so eh.

I'll pass.

But dammit I saw the Trunk Musik cover and it intrigued me so I downloaded it.

More than glad I did.

From the 1st bass dropping in and him rappin his ass off on the title track I was more than impressed.

Yelawolf - Trunk Musik

Me being who I am I search for more.

And found Stereo and Slick Rick E. Bobby.

Since I do love me some Ricky Bobby I was now a Yelawolf supporter.

Its not often I hear an MC who make me feel that not only are they having fun doing what they do but they actually talented as fuck.

Yelawolf keeps it real from interviews I have read online and as a person who keeps it funky I can respect that.

Support good music and fuckin follow him on twitter or check his MySpace page.

I mean Alabama isn't just Rich Boy anymore.

Now we got some heat coming from that dirt.

Alabama Stand the Fuck Up.

Even if you have no computer or online connection.

Yelawolf - Trunk Music


Yelawolf - My Box Chevy Pt.2


Yelawolf - Ballad of Slick Ricky Bobby

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Chupa Sauce said...

This dude Yela is something serious.